The Week That Was–Sunday, 5/24/2015


This week has been busy.  My regularly scheduled activities were interrupted on Tuesday when I got to babysit a 20-month old neighbor because he woke with a fever and couldn’t go to daycare.  It turned out to be nothing, but you know, a little one that isn’t feeling well needs a lot of cuddling & spoiling, something I was happy to do!

Some of my time this week has been spent planning. I pulled out my Excel spreadsheet and worked on calculations, and then got on the Internet looking for fabric. It saves on gas, but isn’t the same as shopping in person.

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Friday Finds–05/22/2015

I know I have lots of WIPs (WIP – Works in Progress) and many UFOs (Unfinished Objects), but I keep seeing other patterns that I may one day want to make.  The Internet is full of talented designers and many are gracious to share tutorials and/or patterns.

Finished Size: 38” x 47”.  Because of the size you won’t need to piece the back!  If you do not like matching points, this quilt is for you.  Using rectangles and staggering the blocks, you won’t have to match seams.  Check out her blog tutorial for tips in creating this quick quilt.

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Tuesday Tips–5/19/2015

Welcome to Tuesday’s Tips.  Today I would like to share with you some helpful information that I’ve discovered on other blogs this past week.   

  • Cutting Bias Strips – Honestly, I’ve never cut bias strips for binding or anything else.  Is there anything other than binding you’d use bias strips for?  I’ve read instructions, but get confused.  Bite Sized Biggie (dot) com shares a video which shows an easy way of cutting bias strips.

I really think I might try cutting some bias strips after reading this post!  It really helps seeing it done in the video.

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The Week That Was–05/17/2015

Can’t say I did a lot of sewing this week.  Still in the cleaning mode and going through my piles of work to be finished.  I’ve read a lot about storage & organizing fabric & scraps, but just haven’t gotten into what’s right for me yet.

I cleaned and oiled my machine, changed my rotary blades and washed my cutting mats. I worked on some binding for a little project. Ok, binding is not exactly exciting, but is necessary in order to finish.

2015-05-16 21.07.54

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Friday Finds–5/15/2014

OK, it’s not Friday, but I found these quilts yesterday, so that counts.  I’m just a little bit slow posting them!  So, we’re still calling them “Friday Finds.”

Do you like to use Jelly Rolls?  How about having 2-1/2” strips left over from other quilting projects?  Maybe you have a ACCUQUILT Cutter and just like to cut strips. These Quilts are for you.

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