Tuesday Tips–3/24/2015

Well, I’m running a bit behind.  Last week was a great Quilt Retreat and I drove home yesterday.  So today has been catching up and will have to put my sewing space back together.  I’ve not been on the Web much, but here are some tips I found.

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The Week That Was–3/22/2015–Part 1

Boy, was this a week!  I was looking forward to a visit with a close friend I hadn’t seen in a while and attending her Spring Quilt Camp.  Surprise!  She lets me know that she had a family emergency and would I host the Quilt Camp for her.  Shock!!  I’ve been to a number and even help out here and there, but ME – Be in CHARGE!  But, of course, I said yes. Continue reading

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Friday Finds–03/20/2015

Is it Spring yet?  Well, not quite.  Thursday it was damp, wet, cold and SNOWING!! I couldn’t get a picture of it.  The camera just didn’t seem to see the heavy, fine snow flakes that were falling.

2015-03-19 12.57.50

Really. Trust me. It was snowing, heavy, all day.  But it had been warm enough the past several days, it just melted as it the ground.

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Tuesday Tips–03/17/2015

No matter how many years I’ve been sewing, I discover that I can always learn something new.  Today I’m sharing a few tips that I’ve found on the Web.

I’m going to practice some Flying Geese this week!

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The Week That Was–03/15/2015

Well, it’s beginning to look like Winter may be on the way out and Spring may actually arrive! Temperatures have been warmer and the precipitation that we’ve been getting has been in the form of rain.  Driving around yesterday there are still some dirty mounds of snow that are resisting the warmer weather.

My Christmas Amaryllis surprised us – it’s blooming!

2015-03-13 16.02.122015-03-13 16.02.522015-03-13 16.01.45

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