This is Saturday, Isn’t It??

Have you ever had some days when everything you had planned didn’t happen and lots of stuff you didn’t plan did happen?  Then after all that going around you have no idea what day it is??  That’s been the last several days and all day I’ve had to remind myself that yesterday was still Saturday.

Friday was an important day, because Carole at From My North Carolina Home Blog, released Part 2 of her Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along.  I’m behind, but if things settle down, it shouldn’t be hard to catch up.


From My Carolina Home’s Blog

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First Friday in October

Well, the calendar says it is fall, but so far the temperature doesn’t agree.  There have been a few cooler days, but it’s still warm.  If you look real hard you do see some signs of fall.

My yellow & gold mums have been enjoying the weather and our Pampas Grass has bloomed.  As long as we don’t have any extreme wind or heavy rain (or snow), we will be able to enjoy these plumes for some time.

Fall - October 2017 Pompas Grass Plumes

Fall – October 2017 Pampas Grass Plumes

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Tops for Fabric Cafe – New Book – Easy Peasy 3 Yard Quilts

It’s been released!  Now I can show you two of the tops from this book that I tested for Donna of Fabric Cafe. Her new book, Easy Peasy 3 Yard Quilts is now available.

Fabric Cafe Book 5 - Easy Peasy 3 yard quilts

Easy Peasy 3 Yard Quilts – Released October 1, 2017

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October 2017 – To Do List

I’m trying to get my stitching mojo back.  Last month I shared a list of projects I wanted to accomplish for the month in addition to the OMG project.  I was fairly productive and so will post another list this month.

Here it is, my (ambitious) list of projects for October.

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One Monthly Goal – October 2017

Well here it is – the first day of October.  Where has the year gone?!?  Last month I joined with other quilters in identifying one project that I really wanted to get done.  I usually mentally have an idea of what I what to get done, but this was a nice way to keep focused on one project.

So again I am posting my One Monthly goal on the October Goal Setting Link-up on the Elm Street Quilts Blog.


October 2017 – OMG Linked on Elm Street Quilts

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