November Finishes & Other December Goals

In a post last month I listed some other projects I wanted to finish in November.

## From My Carolina Home’s Autumn Jubilee Projects – Pumpkin Blocks & Star Blocks for a Table Runner or Small Quilt (haven’t decided) and Pumpkin Placemats — I did get fabric chosen (often a hard part for me) and cut pieces, but just have them in plastic bags for later assembly.

Pumpkin Fabrics
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November OMG – (Not Quite) Finish

Linking up with Elm Street Quilts November OMG Finish

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Happy Customer – Ugly Produce

I try to cook using more fresh, than processed foods.  Yes, I still use short-cuts, but I do like cooking from scratch.  I read a hint somewhere to begin your grocery shopping in the produce section and you’ll fill up your cart with good, fresh food and less processed food.  The hint continued to suggest shopping only on the outer edges of the store. OK, I still shop the inner grocery store isles, but my cart is filled with the good stuff first.

A while ago I heard about Imperfect Produce. They deliver to your home produce which is good produce but may be a bit misshapen or was overages and not sold at the grocery store.  At the same time, they help support food banks. Read more about them at their website. Last week I saw that they are now available in Maryland in the Baltimore & Montgomery County area.  I checked online and they deliver to my zip code on Tuesdays.

2018-11-27 My first box of Ugly Produce.
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Post Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Day After Thanksgiving, to all my Family & Friends!

Not going to share any food pictures. But I will say the creative cooking was a success – 9.65 lb Turkey in my Slow Pot, Pressure Pot making Hard Boiled Eggs & Sweet Potatoes for Marshmallow topped whipped Sweet Potatoes (with a secret ingredient), Sausage Cornbread Dressing (or is it Stuffing only if it’s cooked in a turkey?), and basic Green Bean Casserole all cooked in my Microwave/Convection Oven. Store-bought Sweet Potato Pie & Apple Crumb Pie completed our feast.

Eight hour Fireplace YouTube Video w/Christmas Music
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2018 Thanksgiving Prep

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States. Since 1864, when President Abraham Lincoln declared the 4th Thursday of November as a day of “Thanksgiving & Praise,” it has been a national holiday.  Originally celebrated as a harvest festival, it was actually celebrated nationally off and on since 1789 with a Proclamation from President George Washington. For us, it is a quiet day with family and a meal of Turkey and all the trimmings. I always like to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and, of course, DH likes watching the football games.

2017 – Turkey Breast in Crock Pot –
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