January 2019 – OMG Finish

Wow! January is barely a week old and I can say I’ve finished with my January OMG! OK, I’ll admit I’m keeping it simple, and if it seems like I’m having a good year, I’ll add to my Monthly Goal.

So, without further ado, here it is!!

2019 Jan – OMG Completed – Block #1a for Project Linus’ Sweet Violet’s Bakery
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PSA Update – Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project

Recovering from any disaster takes time, sometimes years. It can feel like the rest of the world has gone on with their lives (which, of course, they did), and that you have been forgotten. This project hopes to share with those still recovering from last year’s Hurricanes Florence & Michael that they have not been forgotten. Quilters are great with sharing in times like this.

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project
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Mary-Thon Week Ending 1/5/19

This Week’s Score Card

Mary-Thon 2019 – Full Mary-Thon

Goal – 5 Days of 30 minutes activity per day for 26 weeks.

Week #1 – Week Ending 1/5/2019

  • # of Active Days (over 30 minutes) – 5
  • Exercise Bike – 75 minutes
  • Treadmill – 15 minutes
  • Total Miles – 17.3 miles
  • Total Minutes – 280 minutes (4 2/3 hours)
Finishing is Winning

Sewing Room Activity

Goal – Minimum of 1 hour a day for 3 days a week/1 day per week working on OMG

  • # of Days in Sewing Room – 5 (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur/Sat)
  • # of Projects Worked on – Quillow, Pillowcase, Travel Pillowcase, Cleaning, OMG – (finding material needed for projects)

Happy Stitching & Moving!

Quilt Mouse

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I Don’t Have Enough to Do??

I started my quilting adventure by doing hand piecing, but moved on to using the sewing machine to piece & quilt my projects. I’ll admit, sewing with a machine is much faster than by hand. But there is something ‘soothing’ about doing hand-work, plus it’s more portable. Hand work is something I enjoy. I have cross-stitched (until my eyes no longer liked the small holes!) and still crochet.

2019 Jan – Assorted (and multiple) Hand piecing suppies

The first several classes I took when I wanted to learn about quilting consisted of hand quilting & hand piecing. I still meet nearly every Thursday with ladies I met 12 years ago and we hand stitch our different projects for the afternoon.

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2019 – Off to a Good Start!

New Year’s Day was quiet around here.

I started my Sewing Year by first cleaning my sewing machine. It had it’s annual “Spa Day” in September, but I like to give it some touch up. So, using my disposable mascara brush, I chased all the lint from around the bobbin & feed dogs. Next a drop of oil on the Bobbin track. Then the needle was changed. I keep a Post-it Note stuck to my machine with the size of the needle and date it was changed. I put in a full bobbin and re-threaded the machine. Finally a quick wipe down with a damp rag for both the machine and the table.

2019 Jan – New Year’s Cleaning
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