Project #1, Step #2 & Purcellville Road Trip

Yesterday was Project #1, Step #2:  Trip to Home Depot to purchase the Cement & supplies for the Sidewalk remake.  The day ended with rain, so it was too wet to mix & pour.  Woke this morning with the hole partially filled with water.  I did Office work in the morning and started some sorting/cleaning in my sewing space.  We hope to rearrange & clean the room by this weekend.
Today was Travel Day.  M & K ran around looking at used cars after she picked up/delivered a rescue from a shelter in PG County.
Needlechasers Quilt Guild Summer Luncheon:  Actually it was a Road Trip & Luncheon — We traveled to Purcellville, VA, to shop at WebFabrics and followed that with a Lunch at Magnolia at the Mill.  Some traveled in a small bus and others traveled in their own cars.  I drove myself because I wanted to make a couple of stops on the way.
I came home the scenic route – Took Hwy 15 north of Leesburg & crossed the Potomac on White’s Ferry, then drove through Poolesville, Darnestown, & Rockville to get to home.  It was MUCH better than going back toward DC and battling the beltway during rush hour!
We’re both tired!  So tonight we’re not doing much!

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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