Now that things have gotten quieter around here, I’ll post what I *was* going to post Wednesday.

K’s new car needed a bit of work done at the Dealer in Williamsburg, so we had a road-trip. K, Tay, me and Bre headed south about 6 am on Wednesday.  She had a check list for the Service Department and I had a Quilt Shop List I pulled from the Internet — Note: Williamsburg & Newport News do not have an abundance of Quilt Shops.
We got down there about 9 am and the Dealer gave us a loaner.  We checked in and transferred the two dogs & other essentials to the loaner and headed out with our GPS set for the first quilt shop.  The A/C wasn’t working in the loaner but we continued.  We arrived at the Quilt Shop a little before 10 and sat waiting for them to open.  A lady came to the door and invited us in. 
The dogs did well.  This was only the 3rd time Bre had been in a store and the first time both dogs had ‘shopped’ with another dog.  We shopped and visited with some quilters setting up for a class. 
Out to the car — and when we got in the Driver’s Window dropped back into the door.  So back to the Dealer for another loaner.  This time we got a Park Avenue and the A/C worked.  Punched in the address for Quilt Shop #2 and off we went.
We did not get back on the highway, instead we programed the GPS to avoid highways — Better Shopping!  On the way we had a ‘road-block.’  It took a while, but we finally saw what the delay was — there was a Train Station crossing the road.  Yup, you read right, there was a two-story train station being moved from one side of the road to the other.  It moved slowly and there was a man standing on the roof holding onto the chimney.  Finally, it cleared the roadway and we were directed to pass.  Not something you see everyday!
The next Quilt Store was in Newport News and was nice.  K stayed in the car with the 4-leggeds and I went in.  They were nice, had a very good selection.  I bought four – 1/2 yard cuts of Civil War Reproduction fabric.  They offered a 10% discount to Guild Members and even tho I was not from a local guild, they gave me the discount.
As we headed back North/West and stopped at a couple of automotive shops.  K was looking for a locking gas cap for her new car.  We programed in the next stop, and headed out on the highway.  Just as we passed the exit for the Dealership, we got a call saying her car was ready.  We did a flip-flop at the next exit and picked up her car.  She was pleased with the work that was done.  We transferred the dogs and belongings to her car, said our good-byes and headed out.
The final shop was no longer, so we got gas and headed home.  We stopped at her house to check the mail and got KFC for dinner (since it was about 6 pm).  We got home a bit before 7:30 pm, and as we were unloading the car, that was when Falkor & K.C. had their disagreement.  But that’s another post.

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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