Projects #3 & 5 – Continued

We haven’t gotten as much done on our projects this week.  Mon & Wed had RoadTrips & since Wed night, KC has required extra attention.  So today Projects were on the agenda.
Project #3 – K’s Car’s Platform:  It has been cut, stained & Poly Coated.  Today was assembly, glue and ‘install.’  Now K has to figure out how everything fits together.

Project #5 – Ramp:  Plans were to replace, but (1) we’ve ran out of time, as B comes home tomorrow and he needs the ramp to get into the house; and (2) basically it is not in bad shape.  The foundation still looks in good shape.  The three items that need immediate attention (a) the railings are split and wobble a bit, (b) the end of the ramp was made of plywood and it has split and won’t stay in position, and (c) many slats have nails sticking up and just hammering them in place is no longer working.
So, today M removed the railings & the plywood end.  We talked about options, and decided to replace the end of the ramp with a concrete piece and continue onto the sidewalk with a topping treatment like he used on the sidewalk to the driveway.
This is step #1 – A layer of concrete.  We need to let this set/dry before adding the topcoat.  Looking good!
He has the Railing’s cut, but they are square and need the edges smoothed and then stain/finish them with a poly coat.  Not going to happen tonight.  Later the slats will need attention, but not this weekend.
KC Update:  He’s improving.  He’s eating well, and moving better.  He’s back to barking at the mailman and trying to scratch the Eliz. Collar.  We have an appointment on Monday evening with the Vet for follow-up and stitch removal.

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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