Friday –
Today is actually a very nice day – no rain, cool breeze, & sunny.  Activity here is quiet for a change – Nice!
So to Catch up on this week:
Sunday – Housework and B came home from his visit with B
Monday – M flew out to LA to be with his sister and mother who is having surgery; took KC to Vet – he wasn’t thrilled with the swelling in KC’s eye, so added an anti-inflamitory med and continued the antibiotics – did not remove the stitches
Tuesday – M’s mother came thru Surgery ok and is in ICU
Wednesday – I worked Preschool, ran some errands and got caught in traffic caused by Pres. O going to Annandale for a "Town Meeting" on Healthcare
Thursday – Not a bad day – Ran to Joann’s for some funny thread to mend a soft dog crate for K and went to my Thursday Quilt Group (we call this our Therapy!)
Today:  Took KC to Vet – Eye looks better, but stitches staying in until next Wednesday, Meds will continue at least 2 more weeks.  There is a M*A*S*H marathon today which I have been watching between napping and working in sewing room.  M & his sister finally talked with a Dr about their Mom – she’s still in ICU until (1) pain meds can be reduced and BP not go up; and (2) IV can be removed and she starts taking liquids without negative results.  They have determined that it is Lymphoma Cancer which had spread to the Colon and not Colon Cancer which the Dr seems pleased about.  It has not been staged and there has not been any discussions about treatment plans.  She’s getting hungry and grumpy, so guess she’s getting better. Sick
Looking forward to a quiet weekend.

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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