How Big is Too Small?

Many moons ago (maybe a lifetime ago), when the kitchen was remodeled & the dishwasher was added, the kitchen sink had to be moved into a corner.  Cute, you say?  Not bad, you say??  Well the ingenious cabinet installer, apparently never intended a plumber or anyone larger than our Pomeranians to ‘crawl’ under the sink to make any repairs!  You see the cabinet door is about 12" wide.

Well, now we have a leak.  Not bad – yet; but still it will need attention.  M is very good at ‘do-it-yourself’ projects such as this, but let’s admit it — he’s not 12" wide!  Can you envision M, on his side, reaching thru the ‘spacious’ under-the-sink cabinet door and messing with drain pipes & such??
K cleared out all the stuff that was under the sink – you know the extra flower vaces, the sponges, cleaning supplies, and all the other things that find themselves stored under the sink.  I sponged/washed the cabinet floor – which is actually the tile from the OLD kitchen floor, and placed a pan under the offending pipes.  Diagnosis:  Drain pipe connections aren’t sealed anymore.
M’s teaching a class in Baltimore Wed-Thurs, so this will be on his Saturday Honey-Do List!  Until then, minimal use of the kitchen sink!

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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