2010 Blizzard – Part 2

It has been decided by whatever Powers-that-Be, that because we did not have a chance to get dug out of the 02/04-05/2010 Blizzard before the 02/09-10/2010 Blizzard began, the two storms will be some-what counted as one Emergency Event.
Part 2 started here about 4 PM yesterday with somewhat light snow flurries.  By 8 PM is was sticking well, making it slippery on the roads and difficult to see the street markings.  By 11:30 PM M had to shovel off the Ramp which had about 2" of snow covering it.  When I checked at 2 AM, there as a 1/2" or so of sleet/freezing rain which the storm door moved.
This morning it had changed to snow and there was another 2 or 3 inches to be shoveled from the Ramp.  About 10 AM the heavy activity had begun – snow falling 2-4" per hour, winds blowing 20 mph & gusting up to 50-60 mph and white-out conditions (you could not see the end of the street which is 3 houses away!).
I had leveled off the snow at my yardstick down to about 15 inches, and with the falling & drifting snow it is up to about 24 inches.  K & M have shoveled off the ramp 3-4 times – so calculating 2-3 inches on the ramp each time it is shoveled, the ‘new’ snow event totals range between 6-12 inches.

So far so good with our power.  I’m making slow pot soup & will start the oven shortly and make some muffins, cornbread & maybe even some brownies.  Stay warm & Dry!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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