2011 – Something New

Welcome Day #3 of the New Year!  Colder but bright & sunny.  Now that I am no longer a ‘beginner’ quilter I am hoping that this year I will now try to be a bit more organized about it.  😉

I now have a substantial stash (fabric collection), scrap piles, notions (rulers, pins, mats, irons, etc), and a work area (which needs MAJOR organization!). I’ve aquainted myself with LQS (Local Quilt Shop) and know where they are and what they offer. I surf the web for stores, and have developed my list of favorites – both in prices & fabrics.  I have multiple reasons to quilt:  New Grandson!, local hospital NICU & Charity (Quilting for Good/Mary’s Center in Washington, DC), as well as family members.

I have attended a number of Quilt Shows, and have a number I want to return to this year and a new one I want to check out.  I have a Quilt Camp I enjoy attending and a Quilt Retreat and a Cabin in the Mountains which will become an annual event.

I follow a number of Quilter Blogs, and have my favorites.  It almost seems that you know them personally, and they are from all over.  It is fun seeing their quilts, stash and hearing of their quilting adventures.  They are friendly to their unknown followers and many share patterns, tutorials, links & have give-aways.

I will share a few links:

One Blog that I follow is entitled Jaybird Quilts.  She lives in PA, and is considerably younger than me, but has more quilting experience.  Today she is offering a Give-A-Way on her blog. The closing date is midnight, Thursday, 1/6/11 and the prize is a Quilt Kit: Crimson Burst, which is sponsored by Lisnaweary Quilts from Ireland.

This brings me to a new blog I will be following – Lisnaweary Quilts. This quilter is in Ireland.  I think she will be my first International Blog that I am following.

Now, off the computer and into the Sewing Room to organize!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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