National Quilting Day

I went to G-Street Fabrics yesterday for a day of Quilting for Good – Once a month a group of Quilters get together to make Baby Quilts for Mary’s Center in DC.

Today (Saturday, March 19th) is National Quilting Day.  I haven’t actually been exactly quilting, but I’ve been sewing. 

This week I’ve completed a number of projects:

Pillowcase #1 – The pillowcase matches the Noah’s Ark #2 Quilt I made earlier.  I’ll post pictures of them both in a month or two.

Pillowcase #2 – Quilter’s Quest Focus Fabric – Blue Batik with symbols of the local area: Maryland Crabs, Sail Boat, Turtles & more.

Tote Bag – This is another of the Lazy Girl patterns, the Mini Miranda Bag.  I made one last year with the Dallas Cowboy’s fabric.  This one is with Philadelphia Eagles fabric.  I couldn’t post pictures earlier because it is a gift for my daughter’s friend.  But she knows about it now.

Other Items made with Philadelphia Eagles Fabric – This is a licensed fabric and comes 60″ wide rather than the ‘normal’ 42-45″ wide and I bought a yard of fabric.  This resulted in some left over fabric so I also made the following:

  1. Small Travel-size Tissue Cover;
  2. Pillowcase for a Travel Pillow (12″ x 16″);
  3. Re-usable Shopping Bag

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, finally, after dinner I got to do some Quilting.  Well, almost quilting.  I spent the evening cutting fabric for Star Blocks to be donated to Moda Fabrics 100 Quilts in 100 Days – Just One Star Challenge.  Moda has reached out to Quilters, that if we each just made one star block and return it to them by May 1st, they will take all the star blocks and make quilts for our injured service men & women.  This is in support of the Semper Fi Fund and Quilts of Valor.  Moda’s goal is to have the 100 quilts completed by Flag Day – June 14th.  Each quilt takes 18 Star Blocks, so in order to make 100 Quilts they need to have 1,800 blocks.  I’m hoping they get alot more and can make even more Quilts!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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