Quillow & Pillowcases & Baby Quilts & Placemats, Oh! MY!!

Last week I got together with a cousin to do some quilting.  She’s a beginner and I just like doing it!  We enjoyed 3 days of visiting, cutting, sewing & eating.  All essential components of quilting.

See our sewing set up:

Sewing Machines

April 2011 - Quilting with Karen Hampton Inn

The sewing machines were set up so we could face out the window — great light for sewing!  The cutting mat is on the desk to the right, and the ironing board is on the other side of the room.  We had a regular quilting assembly line set up!

This was the first quilting experience for my cousin, so we began with something simple – Pillowcased Flannel Premie Quilts.  Eighteen inches of two pieces of flannel, laid right-sides-together, stitch a 1/2″ seam all around the edge, leaving a 4″ opening for turning.  After turning right-sides-out, and pressing, we used a decorative stitch to close the opening, and add quilting.  TaDa!  2 Baby Quilts for the NICU!!

Quilting Practice - NICU Baby Quilt

Quilting Practice - NICU Baby Quilt

We then moved on to a placemat and coasters.  These projects had several skills which are needed to make a quilt – 1/4″ seams, matching points, adding borders, quilting 3-layers (front-batting-back) and binding.  (Binding is not easy!)

Karen's Placemat and Coasters

Karen's Placemat and Coasters

Karen even got to practice some ‘un-sewing’ a very necessary aspect of quilting.  We also discovered that binding is not easy and the decorative stitch we selected is NOT one we will ever select AGAIN!!

Not bad for 3 days of quilting for a novice!!

2 NICU Baby Quilts, Placemat & 2 Coasters

2 NICU Baby Quilts, Placemat & 2 Coasters

While Karen learned & practiced basic cutting and stitching, I worked on a few projects of my own.  Karen helped with some of the stitching to practice on the sewing machine and working on her 1/4″ seam accuracy.

I completed two pillowcases I had started earlier (pictures later).  Then there were two standard pillowcases with matching travel-sized pillowcases, and a quillow for two other cousins.

Cheryl's Pillowcases & Greg's Pillowcases & Quillow

Cheryl's Pillowcases & Greg's Pillowcases & Quillow

Mel modeling the Quillow (about 45″ x 60″) – Tiger Fleece (KC is watching me take the picture and wondering why he was kicked off Mel’s lap!) —

Quillow - Tiger Fleece side

Quillow - Tiger Fleece side

When folded and tucked into it’s pocket, the Quillow becomes a Pillow (Quilt + Pillow = Quillow).

Greg's Quillow folded into a Pillow

Greg's Quillow folded into a Pillow

So, today I spent cleaning my sewing room and unpacking sewing machines & quilting supplies & fabric.  Now I can get back to sewing.


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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