4 Days, 14 Hours = 1 Quilt Top

You have a holiday weekend and what do you do?  You QUILT!!

I was just curious, so this past weekend I kept a log.  I was interested in seeing just how long it would take to make a Quilt Top.  Not just a baby quilt, but a grown-up, adult-size, almost bed-size Quilt.

Now, let’s be honest, this is not a Quilt.  It is just the ‘Flimsy” pieced top which will one day become a Quilt.  I have the backing.  Because of the size of the quilt – 65” x 74.5” I will have to stitch together two pieces of fabric to make the back (you see, fabric comes about 45” wide, although you can find extra wide fabric – but that’s a topic for another blog post.)

Also, before it can become a Quilt, I have to buy some batting.  All the quilt batting I have is for baby/children quilts and this is a bit larger.  Guess that means I need a road-trip to Purcellville, VA, to visit Web Fabrics and do some shopping! Open-mouthed smile

OK, back to my weekend.  To begin with you must have a quilt pattern & fabric.  Some people design their own patterns, but I’m guessing that will not be one of my activities.  I do fairly well following directions, and am happy when someone else has assembled the fabric/colors.  So, I pulled out one of the Scrappy Fat 5 Quilt Bundles that I had recently purchased from Fabric Café – Fabric Bundles (Thanks Donna, you guys have Great Prices, Fabric and Patterns!)

So, Pattern & Fabric in hand, Excel spreadsheet set up, Food for Mel to Grill for meals, and Sewing Studio ready (ok, the Ironing Board, Cutting Table & Sewing Machine/Table were somewhat clean), I set out to make a Quilt Top.

  • Sort Fabric
  • Iron Fabric
  • Cut Fabric
  • Sew Cut Fabric into Strip Sets
  • Iron Strip Sets
  • Cut Strip Sets into Segments/Blocks
  • Arrange Segments/Blocks in a pleasing pattern to create Rows
  • Sew Segments/Blocks into Rows
  • Iron Rows
  • Sew Rows together

Do you happen to see a Pattern developing?  There is a lot of Ironing & Cutting in addition to the Sewing that makes up creating a Quilt Top!

After the pieced rows are together then you get to (you guessed it!):

  • Measure/Iron/Cut/Sew Border #1 pieces
  • Sew Border #1 on Left/Right sides
  • Iron
  • Sew Border #1 on Top/Bottom
  • Iron
  • Measure/Iron/Cut/Sew Border #2 pieces
  • Sew Border #2 on Left/Right sides
  • Iron
  • Sew Border #2 on Top/Bottom
  • Iron

TaDa!! Four days, 14 hours later, you have a Quilt Top!




About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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