Just Call Me “The Bag Lady”

Don’t know when it started, but I like bags – tote bags.  I’ve been to classes or conferences where the goodies include a tote bag stamped with the title of the event.  I’ve been sight-seeing and find a tote bag.

In the past year or so, grocery and other stores have been ‘going green’ and offer re-usable bags and even some of them will give a discount of 3-5-cents if you provide your own bag.  Soon a law will go into affect which requires the use of re-usable bags or you will be charged a fee.

So now I have an excuse to use some of the tote bags I’ve been collecting.  Or maybe I have an excuse to get some more tote bags.

Or maybe, I have an excuse to MAKE some tote bags……

In the past several years, I have made a number of bags – Simple bags, zippered bags, Baby/Diaper bag, purses, quilt bags, quilted bags, and lunch bags.


This past week, I made three bags – one for the daughter of a neighbor and two for my cousins in Florida. I had some left-over fabric, so I made matching ‘Humbug’ bags & travel tissue cases.


I also made a ‘Humbug’ Bag for another cousin, and a Camo-Tote Bag with matching ‘In Training’ Vest for Triton, the 3-legged dog we’re training to be an assistance dog for a Marine.

Triton-Bag-VestIn Training Vest



Another project I’ve done this past week is to add Velcro to some patches – Kim had some embroidered patches made for the dog backpacks & vests, which I added Velcro to the patches & vests/backpacks.


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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