Not Exactly Quilting

Taking a break from Quilting this week, I was helping our daughter prepare for the 2011 USRC Schutzhund Nationals which is being put on by the Old Dominion Rottweiler Klub.  She is a member of the ODRK and is the Show Secretary.

Tracking is one of the categories.  She asked me to make Flags to be used.  We discussed what was needed and chose to make a Commemorative Flag that the Participants would be able to take home with them.  She provided me with the logo for the show:


We designed the flag to be approximately 4” x 6” and created it to have a slot to insert the dowel rod.  So we made the flags using some fabric from my stash, some dowel rods, Printed Treasures, and Steam-A-Seam2-Lite.  I printed the Logo on  Printed Treasures which is a sew-on printable fabric sheet which can be printed on with an ink-jet printer.  Using Steam-A-Seam2-Lite, I attached the logo to one side of the flag.  On the other side, I cut out the numbers 1-8 and attached them using Steam-A-Seam2-Lite.

Congratulations to all the participants of the 2011 USRC Schutzhund Nationals!


Now back to working on Thanksgiving & Christmas Projects!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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