Day #3–Sew Get Away

After breakfast and DH left to teach his class, I got back to work.  First thing on the agenda was to finish up the Advent Calendar.  It needed the hanging sleeve stitched on and two more rows of quilting on the border.  I need to add a label and it will be completed.  Now the question is – what do you put into the 24 pockets to help count down the days to Christmas?

Next project on my agenda – Piece a Quilt Top. I am using a 5-yard Bundle Quilt Kit from Fabric Café. Check them out – nice fabric, good prices, great people!  The 3-Yard Bundles & 5-Yard Bundles take the worry out of picking the fabric individually and come with a free pattern! See the one I’m working on – 5-Yard Bundle from Fabric Cafe.  Hint, Hint:  Sign up for their newsletter and receive codes for discount pricing.

I wanted to have this top completely pieced by tonight.  I have already cut the first step – Small Strip A & Larger Strip B of paired light & dark fabric.

Next Step – Strip Piece Small Strip A (Light or Dark) to paired Larger Strip B (Dark or Light). Then iron these pieces open – I like to press the seams toward the dark fabric because it helps me match points.  But in this case it doesn’t matter as these seams will not have to align with any other seams.

More Cutting…More Strip Piecing…

Finally I got the 18 blocked pieced into 7 rows.  Time for bed.  Ironing will have to wait until the morning.


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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