I Voted! But Did It Count? Sorta……

First – the people at my polling place were very nice & polite BUT really couldn’t help much. BTW – There were fewer voting machines at our polling place than in previous elections.

2012-11-06-VotersRegCardSecond – I registered to vote on July 28, 2004 – 8 years ago, my polling place is less than 4 blocks from our house, and I have voted at that polling place in previous elections.

Third – I have my Voters Registration Card, and last March, I even went online to the Maryland Board of Elections in March and verified that all my information was correct.  I even printed a copy – I KNOW I WAS IN THE COMPUTER SYSTEM!

Fourth – Last night, just because I wanted a sample ballot to write on, I went to the Maryland Voter’s site and checked my Voters Registration – it wasn’t found!  I checked my husband’s – it was there.  I checked our daughter’s – it was there.  I thought this was funny but guessed the system may have been busy.  But it was a good thing – I was PREPARED for problems!

So, this morning when my Brother and I walked down to Vote, was I surprised when the volunteers there couldn’t find me on the Voters Roll?  I presented them with my Drivers License, My Voters Registration Card and my Print-out of my Online Confirmation from March 2012.

I was not allowed to vote using the voting machines.  I was permitted to fill out an application for a Provisional Ballot and then was allowed to vote using a paper ballot.


Although ‘everyone’ was assuring me that my vote would indeed be counted, I wasn’t so sure.  According to the Provisional Ballot Application “A provisional ballot is counted if a local board of elections determines that the person is registered and eligible to vote in Maryland.”  Well, the WHOLE PROBLEM is that my registration has disappeared and therefore I was NOT Registered and my Provisional Ballot WOULD NOT BE COUNTED! Footnote:  Provisional Ballots won’t be counted until the 2nd Wednesday AFTER the Election.

So I called the Local Board of Elections to file a formal complaint about my polling place experience.  I spoke with a very nice lady, Mrs. C.  She tried to look me up using my name, my address, my date-of-birth, and my voter id number.  She looked under deceased/cancelled/moved voters and didn’t find me (guess I’m glad to know I’m not deceased!).

After she checked with someone else, it was found out that my Original Registration had been written over with someone else’s New Registration.  It is being ‘fixed’ and I have gotten a new Voter ID#. They have promised to send me a new Registration Card.  I’ve repeatedly asked and have been told that when they check my Registration in two weeks when the Provisional Ballots are counted, that it will show I am registered & qualified to vote in the 2012 General/Presidential Election and my vote will count. (Quick Check Online – I still don’t show registered! Crying face )


But did it count?


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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2 Responses to I Voted! But Did It Count? Sorta……

  1. Karen says:

    I sure hope it did! But then none of us are ever really sure, are we?


    • Quiltmouse says:

      IF it counts – am I’m still not sure it will – they won’t even begin to look at it for another 2 weeks! Although, as of today, my online voter verification DOES show me registed as of July 2004. My big concern is – how many other voters have had their registration zapped, and just ‘assumed’ that since they voted a provisional ballot, that it would count. I had to follow up and make them correct my registration.


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