Quilters’ Quest 2012–Day #2–The Eastern Loop

Zonya’s ready to hit the Road!  She has our Quilters’ Quest 2011 Bag and she’s ready to fill it up!


Today’s agenda was to visit the four “Local” Quilt Shops participating in the Quilters’ Quest that are on the Eastern Loop – La Plata (Southern MD), Annapolis, & 2 in the Baltimore Area – Towson & Catonsville.

QQ-2012-MG-StripsQuiltShops open at 9:30 AM, so we are heading to the farthest store – Material Girls, in La Plata, MD.  We discovered that they actually opened at 9:00 am, and a bus-load of quilters sponsored by Jinny Beyers Studio had just arrived moments before we did!  This is a nice, large store; so even though there were lots of shoppers it didn’t feel too busy.  QQ-2012-MiniTankCoverWe had a nice visit with Mike and checked out their expanded shop and all the Bernina’s they have.

I picked up a cute little pattern and a few fat quarters.  The pattern makes 3 different sizes of runners – one is small enough to cover the top of the toilet tank! 


 Our 2nd stop was in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Cottonseed Glory Quilt Shop. This shop is in the bottom floor of an older building in the Historic District.  We got to the shop just a few minutes before the bus that followed us from the last store.  Unfortunately this is a small store with lots & lots of fabric, but little moving room.  I picked up a couple of fabric panels, fat quarters and a couple of yards of fabric.QQ-2012-BearsPaw


We headed north and went to Bear’s Paw Fabrics in Towson, MD. There were a few other shoppers, so we had a nice quiet time to shop.  We got some pictures of the quilt the store made with the Quest Strips. We’ve been getting lots of pictures at each store, and I will post them in an album later.

QQ-2012-SeminoleSamplerFinally, we got around a very busy Baltimore Beltway and arrived at our 4th Shop of the day – Seminole Sampler, in Catonsville, MD. Like Bear’s Paw, this store is kind-a out-of-the-way, and not in a ‘typical’ shopping center.  It is one of the smaller stores, but friendly.  There was a lady there working on a quilt to be donated to a family in NY suffering from the affects of Super-storm Sandy. Quilters are wonderful! 

QQ-2012-SeminoleSampler-QuestFabProjsThey had made lots of nice items using the Quest Feature Fabric and were thoughtful enough to make kits.  I picked up a pillowcase kit (top/left under the basket) and a table runner kit (center/bottom). I also found a pattern for a table runner (center/left in picture) and a small zippered purse (center/right in the picture) that uses the strips that are part of the Quest.

The day was getting late, so we headed west on 40 and stopped at The Canopy in Ellicott City, to pick up some BBQ for dinner.  So ended our Day #2.

BTW – The BBQ was delish!


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I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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