Fun on a Shop Hop

It is always fun to go shopping.  It is especially fun Quilt Shopping!  At Quilt Shops the staff are friendly & helpful; and if you are a ‘regular,’ it can be like visiting with friends.

While Quilt Shopping, you can meet & visit with lots of interesting people.  At one store in Pennsylvania, I met a lady from Australia who was taking advantage of the large selection of fabric.  She told me that “back home” she didn’t have quilt shops like we have.

BUT, on a Shop Hop the fun is so much more!  There are a number of shops working together.  There are door prizes.  There are lots of fun & beautiful fabrics and the shops have lots of samples & kits. A Hop can become a Mini-Holiday, especially when you get to spend some quality car time with family & friends.  2012-11-12-Karen-QuiltersQuest

My DH and I like to take several days and do the Quilters’ Quest in our area.  We take our time, enjoy the drive/scenery, eat out & visit lots of friendly shops/shoppers!  This year I had a special time visiting the three ‘Western’ shops with my Cousin, Karen, a new quilter!!

This year, the Quilters’ Quest Shops’ Projects included 10 Free Quilt Patterns – a different one at each store.  Each store had a Strip Set – a package of Ten 2-1/2” fabric strips.  If you spent over $30, you got one set free, or you could buy a set for $5.  Collect all 10 different Strip Sets and use them to make one of the featured free patterns.  Each store offered a finishing kit for their quilt.


DH has a number of ‘responsibilities’ during the Quilters’ Quest.  One is to take pictures, so we can later remember what we saw!

I’ve got the Strip Sets – Now what will I make with them!


Tomorrow – More Fun at the Quilters’ Quest – Scavenger Hunt.


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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