Where Has the Time Gone??

I just noticed that I hadn’t posted since November 13th! Oh well, let’s catch up.

Back to the Quilter’s Quest.  On Monday, November. 12th, I headed west to pick up my cousin in West Virginia.  There were three stores in the Western Path and we spent the day checking them out.

Our first stop was the Scrappy Apple Quilt Shop in Winchester, VA.  The Owner, Kelley Bova is friendly & helpful.  This is the first year they were part of the Quest.  Looking forward to seeing more of Kelley & the Scrappy Apple!  Here is a picture of the Scrappy Apple’s Quilt made with the Quest Strips from all of the stores.


After leaving Winchester, we headed south-east to Warrenton, VA, and Kelly Ann’s Quilting.  It was a beautiful drive!  A couple of weeks earlier and the leaves would have been gorgeous.  Kelly Ann is fun –  She did ‘the chicken dance’ any time someone completed the Quest at her store, and, as you can see, she will ham it up for the camera.

QQ-2012-KellyAnn-OpenQQ-2012-KellyAnn-Showing a Quilt

QQ-2012-KAQ-StripQuilt After lunch, we headed back northwest, got on I-81 and headed to Hagerstown, MD, and the Traditions at the White Swan Quilt Shop.  This shop is in a small building just west of Hagerstown.  It has a classroom downstairs where they had lots of Fat Quarters cut – plus this was where they had the food!


This was my cousin’s first Quilter’s Quest.  She is new to quilting and we had fun checking out these stores that are the closest to her.

So, this completes the 2012 Quilter’s Quest.  It was fun and we’re looking forward to it again next year!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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