Making a List and Checking it Twice!

DSC_0021Where has the year gone! Can you believe that Christmas is only three weeks (and a couple of days) from today? (No, we’ve not decorated yet, this picture is from last year.)

So much to do and so little time!  I’m making my list and checking it off so I will try and get everything done in time.

In addition to a number of Christmas presents I need to finish, I have several other projects.  First, I am Block Testing for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Vol. 7 which will be published in the Spring of 2013.  Sorry, I cannot show you the blocks I’m testing until the issue is released, but I promise I will post them on my Blog when I can.  I will also be making a quilt to show off a number of the blocks.  More on that later.Chevron-TopFinished-1

Another project I’m working on is four Quilt Top Samples for Fabric Café.  These are 3-yard Bundles and work up fast.  I only have to piece the top and prepare the binding.  I got one done today. All four patterns use the same HST Block (Half-Square Triangle) and single border, but they look so different.  I’ll post pictures of the others as I go.  The first one is the Chevron Pattern – Earthscape Kit.

Next, I will be working on a Charity Quilt for Webfabrics in Purcellville, VA.  I picked up the strips for the Top at the store and pieced the top earlier.  Tomorrow I will make the “Quilt Sandwich” (Top + Batting + Backing) and quilt it.  After I add the binding, I need to make a trip to the store to turn it in. 

Quilting For Good meets next Friday, and I hope to have 1 or 2 baby quilts finished before I go.  Depending on the number we have, I don’t always get to stitch.

Also on my list are a couple more ‘big’ items and a number of smaller items, which (due to the Holidays) I can’t share yet.  I will post pictures after Christmas.

This year Thanksgiving was early, which means we have 5 Sundays before Christmas.  So the 1st Advent Sunday is this weekend.  Maybe we can get some of the Decorations up. But I do have a Christmas Flower Blooming!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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3 Responses to Making a List and Checking it Twice!

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  2. Camelia says:

    Mary Ellen,
    My Camellia flowers are blooming for the first time in six years and in Dec.!


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