Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 7–Blog Tour Day #3

Vol7-100Blocks-CoverWe’re halfway through the Blog Tour. 

I want to warn you that I don’t believe this Blog Tour will show off all of the 100 Blocks in this issue.  But today there are a number that I tested.

Let’s get started with today’s Featured Designers!  I’ve used “**” to mark the Designers in the list that I tested their block.  Click on the link to visit their blog and read more about their block.

Today’s Featured Designers

My Tested Blocks

My group tested 13 of the 100 Blocks.  We randomly received patterns and didn’t know (and had no choice) as to which techniques we would be testing.  One of my goals during this project was to ‘expand & challenge’ my quilting skills.  Well I did that!  Out of the 13 blocks I tested 5 of them were Appliqué. Two of them are included here. Before this, I can honestly say I had only appliqued one block. 

Cherry Guidry – Block #602 – My Retro Chair (Appliqué)

Reading her Blog, it sounds like Cherry had fun creating this block.  She also made a quilt using this block and it is included in the Designer’s Gallery in 100 Blocks Vol. 7.

My version – Using the Title “My Retro Chair” as my guide I choose Hot Pink & Florescent Green along with Black & Animal Skin for my fabrics.  A friend of mine recently created a quilt and used it to reupholster her couch! This is about as close as I’ll come to doing that!

Dodi Lee Poulsen – Block #639 – Fancy Free (Foundation or Paper Piecing)

On her Blog, Dodi shares pictures of several possible quilt top layouts using this block. I love seeing how the same block used differently can make such unique tops.

My Block – While testing the blocks for 100 Blocks Vol. 7, I also got to practice my Foundation or Paper Piecing technique.  I like how, when using this technique, the points & angles are all nice & sharp!

Remember I mentioned that I got to make a quilt using blocks I tested?  Well, remember this one, you will see it again (and again).  See the fun fabric?  It is “Monkey Around” by Quilting Treasures (see the old timey Sock Monkey dolls?).  I want to thank Quilting Treasures for their support of the 100 Blocks Vol. 7.

Marcia Harmening – Block #603 – Norwegian Rosemaling (Appliqué)

Check out the quilt she made highlighting this block!  The quilt was chosen to be included in Vol. 7’s Designer’s Gallery on page 16.

My Block – This was the last block I tested and when I printed the pattern I held my breath.  It is so pretty but it was so much appliqué.  As I said before I haven’t done much of this process and I wasn’t sure how mine would turn out.

Tomorrow I’ll be busy and unable to do any quilting, but I will post on my Blog.  You won’t want to miss it.  I will unveil the quilt I made which is included on page 90 in the Block Tester’s Gallery.

Until then, enjoy the Blog Tour!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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