First Day of Advent–Prophesy Candle

In all the rush, with all the lists, and all the events of this month, I wanted to pause for a moment to Remember the Reason for the Season – the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

One tradition of the Season is the Advent Wreath, made with evergreens (representing eternal life) and 5 candles (3 purple, 1 pink, and 1 white) which are lit each Sunday before Christmas and on Christmas Eve.


Sunday, December 1st is the first Sunday in Advent.  The First Candle of the Advent Wreath is called by some, the Prophesy Candle and by some, the Hope Candle.

This purple candle reminds us of the promises made in the Old Testament for God’s plan and our Hope & Faith for his love for us and His Design for our lives.

Another tradition is the Advent Calendar.  This comes in many forms and helps count the days until Christmas.  This year Lily of Lily’s Quilts  is sharing with her Quilt Barn Advent Calendar.  I need to find my colored pencils!

Lily is also hosting two blog link-ups Fresh Sewing Day for Bloggers to share what they’ve been working on lately

Lily's Quilts

and a Small Blog Meet – for Bloggers with less than 50 followers.

Lily's Quilts

I’ve linked up with both, and invite you to check them out.


Quilt Mouse


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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8 Responses to First Day of Advent–Prophesy Candle

  1. Freddie says:

    No real candles in this house. One cat, one dog and two daughters all of them fascinated by naked flames. Having said that daughter 2 did well during advent service with her candle.


  2. Quiltmouse says:

    Needle Little Balance – You are braver than I am! With our dogs in the house I would never trust live candles on a live tree, but imagine it is a beautiful sight to see!


  3. So interesting to hear about the 5 candles. In my country we traditionally use 4 candles on the advent wreath, one for each advent sunday. 😉


    • Quiltmouse says:

      Julie, the Barn Quilt block is a picture of Lily’s Quilts Day #1 Advent Calendar Block. I’ve printed her pattern and have to find my colored pencils to complete mine. Thanks for reading my Blog.


  4. The Teacher says:

    Even in our hurry and scurry of preparation for the Holidays, we need to slow down and reflect on the Birth of a Child, who brings hope and joy to all nations . . .


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