Finally! Spring 2014!!

Temperatures are slowly climbing.  Plants are finally popping out and decorating the yard.  This past winter was rough on some of our plants, but hopefully they will return better next year.

Just wanted to share a few pictures.

The Pompas Grass has been cut back and there are signs of green coming through.  By the time the Pompas Grass is bigger, the Paper Whites will be finished.

Pompas Grass April2014


This Lilac was planted a couple of years ago.  Last year it had only one or two flower clusters.  This year it has many more!  And, OH! it makes the front yard smell so nice!


2014-05-01 08.40.28

Slowly the plants are waking up.  Unfortunately, even though the Camellia bush (bush between the windows) was loaded with blooms the cold hit at the wrong time and they all dropped off. Sad smile


Here are two pictures of the GORGEOUS Azalea bush along the side of the house next to the fireplace.  It always looks so beautiful.  It probably needs trimming, but we can’t bring ourselves to trim it.

Fireplace Azalea May2014

Fireplace Azalea2 May2014

As you can tell, we have a lot of Azaleas.  Here’s two shots of one near the front door.  It will be dug up and moved out away from the wall after it blooms.  Hope that doesn’t kill it!

Porch Azalea2-May2014

Porch Azalea-May2014

Here’s a small one nestled among the Irises.  The Irises are beginning to show signs of blooming.  Keep the warm weather coming!!

Ramp Azalea-May2014

On the other side of the front ramp is this azalea backed by the day lilies.


We lost one Azalea, but these two are on the north side of the front porch.

Driveway Azaleas-May2014

Here’s something that’s not outdoors.  My Amaryllis from Christmas 2012.  We are not warm enough for it to be planted outside and we just kept it on the sun porch, occasionally watering it.  Then to our surprise it bloomed with three lovely flowers!!

2014-04-20 23.12.48

2014-04-20 23.13.02

Well, that’s our Spring 2014.  If yours hasn’t arrived yet, it is coming.  Finally!

Off to do more piecing!

Happy Stitching!


Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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2 Responses to Finally! Spring 2014!!

  1. Yippee for spring! Your flowers are stunning and the Amaryllis is breath taking!

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