Tuesday Tips–1/6/2015

On Tuesdays I try to share some of the Tips that I’ve found on the Internet.  Some of them may not be new to you and some may be “I’ve never thought of that!”

Folding/Storing Fabric:  Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces Blog shares her tip on how to fold fabric for storage.


She uses acid free/archival quality Comic Book Boards (7” x 10.5”) to assist in folding and give the fabric stability so it can be stored vertical instead of stacked.  I agree, stacking fabric does make it difficult to pull out the fabric on the bottom!

I plan on buying some boards – I have no idea of where a comic book store is near me, so I will probably add it to our next order from Amazon (to take advantage of the free shipping).

They apparently come in different sizes, and I found these which are labeled “Magazine Boards” which are 8.5” x 11” which I might try.  The cost is about $15 for 100.

I may modify this a bit and won’t know how it works until I get some boards.  I like to fold my 1 yard or more in a Zigzag or Accordion fashion.  I find that makes it easier to pull off and cut without having to totally unfold the fabric.  Then to store, I’m thinking I will insert two boards and fold the fabric in half (Selvage to Fold).

My Fabric Folding – I mostly use this after I’ve ironed the fabric and am preparing to cut, but I’m hoping to do some organizing this year and will try this method with boards for the fabric that gets added to my shelves.

1.Fold Fabric like it is found on the bolt – Selvages together


2.  Fold the right cut edge, approximately 9” to the left

2a-RightCut Edge-Folded left 9inches2-Right Cut Edge Folded to left 9inches

3.  Pick up the folded raw edge and the fabric under it, pull it to the left about 18” (this creates a ‘double’ fold – you will now have 4 layers)


4.  Keep folding accordion or zigzag style until you’ve folded all the fabric.

5.  To cut, place to the left  of your cutting mat (if you are a righty, like me) and pull your fabric, one layer at a time to the right and cut.  Now, with your folded fabric on your cutting table, you can pull it and cut what is needed without entirely unfolding the yardage.

6-Ready to cut

6.  To store, I am thinking I will insert a board and then fold the fabric in half top-to-bottom creating approximately 9” x 11” rectangle.  I fold it this way right now, but stack my fabric.  With the board, I’m hoping to stand the fabric like bolts in a quilt shop.

5-Fold Selvaged down to fold

(Hope this makes sense – kind of hard to explain, even with pictures!) 

Hardware Store Quilting Supplies:

It is almost fun to walk through a hardware store and spy things that could be used for quilting.  Here are some finds that 2 bloggers have shared.

Bobbin Storage:

On her Blog – Sew Many Ways – Karen demonstrates a number of ways to use Corner Guards/Wall Protectors to store and organize her bobbins.

Miscellaneous Items found in a Hardware Store:

Sew Mama Sew Blog is about more than quilting, but Kristin shares a number of items found in a hardware store which can be used or modified to use in your sewing room.

You may have used Painter’s Tape to mark your top to quilt or mark a 1/4” seam line on your sewing machine, but she has found many more.

I will share my opinion on a couple of items. 

I have tried ‘rotary’ blades from a non-sewing supply store, and quickly went back to my Olfa blades.  I found the blades were rough and didn’t rotate well in any of my cutters, plus I felt they were doing more damage to my cutting mat. 

Also, I have tried using hardware store gloves while quilting, but I must say I found them rather cumbersome. 

I really love my GrabAroos – they fit well, my hands do not overheat and I can handle fabric & pins comfortably.  I not only use them when machine quilting, but when piecing a top, especially when adding borders.

These can be found anywhere from K-Mart to Local Quilt Shops to Quilt Shows and online and run about $10.

That’s it for today,

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse





About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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    Thanks for all of your fun and interesting new posts! Keep them coming!

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