Tuesday Tips–6/2/2015

There is so much to learn to this art of Quilting.  I am always surprised that while surfing the web or meeting with other quilters, there is something that I can learn. Here are links that have information regarding Bindings, Free-Motion Quilting and Batting.

  • More About Binding – Keeping u n Stitches Quilting shares several videos about binding.

Note:  The following tips are from the Craftsy’s Blog.  While the Craftsy site does require you to have a free username/password, the blog does not.  A pop-up may appear inviting you to join, but you will be able to cancel and go on to the blog.

I’m putting this on my “going to try it” list, but probably will be on some practice piece.

Does FMQ (Free-Motion Quilting) make you nervous? It does me!  But I’m diving in head first, and these tips may help.

  • Gloves – Check.  I really love my Grab-A-Roos
  • A Recessed Sewing Machine – Check.  My husband refashioned an old office table by cutting a hole so my machine sits recessed.
  • Table Space – Check. Needed to help keep the quilt from dragging/catching on the edge or the table.
  • A Slider Mat – Check. This helps the quilt slide easier.

  • Size – Click on the link to Amy at Diary of a Quilter where she shares her thoughts about batting, including what size to cut it.
  • Fiber Content – the Quilting Assistant Blog shares a glossary of basic types of batting.
  • Loft – Becca of Chasing Cottons gives pros & cons of different batting blends and how lofts (thickness) can affect the overall appearance, plus a lot of other good information
  • And more, including a quick glossary of batting terms.

I will probably find myself returning to these pages.  They have lots of good information.

Hope your week is full of creative opportunities.

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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2 Responses to Tuesday Tips–6/2/2015

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  2. oh my gosh, thank you for sharing that binding video! I always struggle with knowing exactly where to stop sewing when I get to the corners…now that I see what she does, it seem so simple and I have to ask myself “why didn’t I think of that?”!!! 😀


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