This is the Way We Pin–Pillowcase Sew-A-Thon 2015

I will admit, I do not always pin when I’m sewing.  But I definitely pin, and pin a lot, when making pillowcases.

2015-09-24 14.43.17

Look what I found! Some Halloween fabric, so am auditioning fabrics.


Step #1: Lay the Band fabric on your table, Right side up.

 2015-09-24 14.51.03

Step #2: Lay the Pillowcase Body fabric on top of the Band fabric, Right side up.  Line up the raw edges. Add a few pins.

2015-09-24 14.53.34

Tip:  I will usually fold the fabric to find the middle and pin the middle of each fabric first and then pin toward the edges. (See the two pins above.)

Step #3: (Optional Trim)

Fold the Trim fabric in half, length-wise, wrong-side together, and iron

2015-09-24 14.47.59

Lay the folded Trim on top of the Pillowcase Body fabric, lining up the raw edges & pin.

2015-09-24 14.54.38

Step #4: This is where this pattern gets it’s name: Hot Dog, Sausage Roll, Burrito, etc.  I’ve heard it called by a number of names.

Fold the Pillowcase Body fabric almost to the raw edges, and then roll the rest of it, but stop a couple of inches from the raw edges.

2015-09-24 15.03.35

Step #5:  Bring the bottom raw edge of the Pillowcase Band fabric up, over the rolled Body and line up the raw edges and Pin – Pin – Pin!

Step #6: Time to Sew!  Using 1/4-3/8” seam allowance and a Walking foot, stitch all the pieces together.

2015-09-24 15.30.30

Tip:  This is a thick seam – a minimum of 3 layers and, if using the Trim, a maximum of 5 layers, and this will shift if you do not use a Walking Foot.  Because of the thickness, you may want to lengthen your stitch width just a tad.

Step #7:  The fun part!  Carefully pull the Pillowcase Body out of the roll.

2015-09-24 15.35.31

OK, you caught me.  Not all of my snacks are healthy!  But sewing Halloween fabric got me thinking of one of my favorite treats this time of year – Candy Corn & Planter’s Peanuts.  I had the Candy Corn, but will have to pick up some Peanuts.

2015-09-24 15.35.00

Step #8:  More Ironing!  Iron the seam between the Band and the Pillowcase Body, being careful to avoid making any tucks.  I usually iron the whole pillowcase because of all the wrinkles that happen with the rolling.

2015-09-24 15.39.20

I iron the Band on both the front and the back to get both sides of the seam pressed and the top fold sharp.

Ta Da!  You now have a beautiful Band stitched to the Pillowcase Body without any raw edge seam!

2015-09-24 15.42.00

Two more seams and this Pillowcase will be done! I’m making progress. How about you?

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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