And the Seasons are Changing–Fall 2016

I love seeing the Seasons change.  So, it is September and even though we’ve been having temperatures in the 90’s there are signs in the yard that Fall is fast approaching.

2016-09-12 12.36.31

I took a quick walk around the front yard to see the work my DH has been doing.  Last week we went to Home Depot and filled the car with fall plants.


We got several larger mums, which have been placed around the ramp & front porch.

2016-09-12 12.35.51

Between the ramp & the driveway, he’s added some mums & ornamental Kale & Cabbage among the Azaleas where the daylilies have been. He dug a lot of the daylilies up but left some.  They have a tendency to take over the garden!

2016-09-12 12.36.03

He left these two plants.  They are volunteers and we’ve not yet identified them, but the bees and butterflies love the small blue flowers.


2016-09-12 12.36.49

One sure sign that summer’s about over.  My poor little Black-eyed Susans are all finished blooming.  They look so sad.

2016-09-12 12.37.00

Something (or someone) appears have been using our flower bed to take a nap. Everything has been smushed down!

2016-09-12 12.37.36

But my favorite sign that fall is on it’s way are the plumes of my Pompas Grass! Last year it didn’t do well, but this year it has popped out nicely.

2016-09-12 12.37.53

If we don’t have excessive wind, these will almost last throughout the winter!!


Hope you are having a good week.


Happy Stitching!


Quilt Mouse




About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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