Pattern Testing–Fabric Café’s Modern Views with 3-Yard Quilts–Part 4

A lot of work goes into creating a book of patterns. Before the tops were made, the written patterns were reviewed/edited by a number of individuals.  Then two of us used the pattern to make a top, making notes, corrections, or comments along the way.  Once the top was made, then the other tester made the same top using the edited pattern and different fabrics.


There are 8 patterns in Fabric Café’s newest book, and I tested 7 of them.

I like seeing how one pattern looks when made with different fabrics.  Sometimes it doesn’t even look like the same pattern!

You can see the quilts in two different fabric combinations on Fabric Café’s web page.

Check this one out that I made. Notice my forsythia is about to bloom and one of my azaleas.  So this was a few months ago.

2016-04-17 09.12.53

Jigsaw – Finished Size: 45” x 63”

2016-04-13 16.01.06

This 3-yard bundle has a greenish-gray batik contrasted with a cream & black.  I think the black just pops out at you.

Because of family commitments during the Spring, there was one pattern I did not test, but I wanted to include it here.

This is a picture of it hanging in the Fabric Café Booth at the PA National Quilt Extravaganza this past weekend.


It’s a Breeze – Finished Size: 46” x 58”

This quilt is made with two pastel batiks with a white for contrast.

As you probably noticed, these patterns all focus on the designs created by color & contrasts rather than novelty or patterned fabrics.

I hope you have enjoyed my introduction of the quilt patterns I tested last Spring.  It was fun making them.

I need to get back to my two Quilt Alongs and will share some pictures of those later this week.

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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  1. Yes, getting a quilt pattern or book ready for publication is labor intensive (especially if you do it the right way). Donna is blessed to have you!

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