Tuesday Tips–9/20/2016

I did pick up some fabric at the Quilt Show last week.

Fabric Bundles from Fabric Cafe

Two on the left are 3-yard backing bundles and the remaining are 3-yard bundles.  I’ve already picked the patterns for two of them.


FQ Bundles from Oaks Quilt Show

Also, some FQ Bundles – Never know when these might be needed. Smile

I’ve been working on some things for the blog, but not quite ready to post them yet.  So I thought I’d share a few Tips I’ve seen on the Internet lately.

To Starch or Not to Starch – 

When I need some extra body on my fabric, especially when I’ll be working with bias edges, I will use Mary Ellen’s Best Spray. 

2016-09-20 16.29.45

Yes, I do buy it by the Gallon.  I like Unscented, Linen and Caribbean Beach. You can find it online at Amazon, at your Local Quilt Shop or other places that sell sewing supplies.

When making HSTs, I will spray the fabric well and iron it and sometimes spray it a second time and iron it again.  I know that is a bit of extra work, but it really helps prevent stretching when stitching on the bias. It is also great for getting stubborn wrinkles out of fabric.

I recently read this post which talks about starching and various products –Suzy Quilts’ Blog Post. It’s nice to see the comparisons.

How to Hang Mini/Wall Quilts

Do you make Mini Quilts or Wall Hangings?  If so, how do you hang them?  I have several in my pile of patterns I want to make.

Heather at The Sewing Loft Blog shared her thoughts about 5 Ways to Hang Your Mini Quilt. Click on over and check it out – The Sewing Loft Blog.  I may try a couple of them.

Hand Quilting Cheater Tips

I’m a visual learner.  It’s one thing to verbally explain something to me or give me written instructions, but I learn best if I can see what you are talking about. 

I do most of my quilting by machine, but do enjoy hand piecing.  I have done a bit of hand quilting, but often get frustrated when my work isn’t “right.” Alex Alexander shares a Video with some Cheater Hand Quilting Tips.

Hope you find some information that will be of help to you!

My project this week

I’m a bit behind on my Project Linus’ Fundraising Mystery Quilt Challenge – Gracie’s Get Well Garden.  Clue #2 came out last Saturday while I was at the Quilt Show.  Yesterday I picked my fabrics.  I’m making this scrappy and had to dig through my scrap drawers to find the colors I wanted to use.  Today I got it all cut out. 

Block 2-Fabric Cut

This will make 9 Blocks.  It isn’t too late to join in.  There isn’t a time limit. It costs $15 (plus $0.45 credit card fee) to join and you can download the previous clues and watch helpful videos. Click Here for more information and register. 

This is a great way to make a donation to help this organization. If you have a local chapter of Project Linus, you can designate your donation to them. There is also a Facebook Group where participants can share their progress.

After the Dentist and Grocery Shopping tomorrow, I hope to get a couple blocks made.

Happy Stitching!


Quilt Mouse



About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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  1. Where do you buy your Mary Ellen’s Best Press by the gallon? Hope your dental appointment is nothing too major….

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