Crossing the Finish Line – Part 1

This year I have been supporting Project Linus and participating in an Ultra Half Mary-Thon as well as 2 challenges. This month the 2nd Challenge was 26 Miles in 26 Days.  The challenge was titled Tri 26 Mary Mile and challenged participants to complete (at least) 1 mile of exercise each day for a total of 26 days.  Click Here to see my Day #1 Post.

tri 26 Mary MileThe Challenge began Thanksgiving weekend, November 26, and participants had 31 days to complete the Challenge by December 26. We got a chart to track our miles.

Mary-Thon Winter Challenge Completed

I mostly did my miles on an exercise bike, but a few days included walking. I managed 3 miles on the bike most days.

2017-12-16 12.06.13

My best day on the exercise bike – 15 minutes 3.75 miles!

I skipped one day when I didn’t feel well, and the last couple of days I did the minimum of 1 mile because of a bout of Vertigo (UGH!). We shared our progress & encouraged one another on a Facebook Group, so I knew I needed to keep moving and report in.

My Final Stats:

  • Total Exercise Miles – 70 miles
  • Exercise Bike – 62 miles
  • Walking – 8 miles
  • Total Days – 26 days out of 27 days (November 26 – December 22)
  • Average Daily Steps – 5050
  • Average Daily Miles – 4.66

There is one more Finish I’ll share in another Post.

Happy Stitching (and Moving)!

Quilt Mouse


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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