2018 Quilt Retreat – Day #1

What a wonderful day we had! I’m not sure if we got more visiting or more sewing done! But I will say, I am feeling accomplished.  Weatherwise, the rain held off until evening and the sun played hide and seek with the clouds.  We had beautiful mountain views whenever we lifted our eyes from whatever we were sewing.


Camelia’s 2018 Quilt Retreat – Beautiful Day!

Morning people were at their machines early and the last participant arrived just before breakfast. The day began with some serious stitching.  We all could relate with Cindy’s project – restoration of a baby quilt that was much loved by a 17-year-old young lady who still sleeps with it. This was not the first time Cindy had given it new life, patching here and mending there.  But we all agreed it had definitely seen better days.  Many gave an opinion on what were the possibilities, but in the end Cindy made an entirely new quilt using the worn & torn one as the batting.


Camelia’s 2018 Quilt Retreat – Cindy restored Baby Quilt

Not all projects get completed as quickly as Cindy’s.  Some projects return to multiple Quilt Retreats.  Amy has been working on her quilt for some time.  But this was it.  Finally the hand stitching of the binding is done and we all inspect the finished project.  Yup, we approve!  Good job, Amy!!


Camelia’s 2018 Quilt Retreat – Always take time to ooo & awww over a completed project. Amy, Fine Job!

I am feeling accomplished. This past year only a little bit of sewing has happened in my life so this Retreat is a chance to get reconnected with my material & machine. Between visiting, taking pictures, and eating, I got two items made.  It was a slow start for me this morning, getting organized and picking a pattern to make from 3 yards of fabric I had purchased from Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd, VA, on Wednesday (this fabric just jumped off the bolts and into my arms, it wanted to come home with me, LOL!).  The fabric had been washed and ironed, so once I decided on a pattern the cutting began.  The first was a Travel Size Pillow case to match the Quilt-to-be.


Camelia’s 2018 Quilt Retreat – Travel Pillowcase to match a quilt

Then the serious work began – cutting, chain piecing, nesting seams for the perfect points.  More cutting & trimming. More chain piecing – you get the picture.  Lots of sewing getting done.

Got the three rows completed and then had to stop for lunch.  Back to sewing, took a break to stretch my back.  I’m not use to sitting in front of the machine non-stop. Finally, the top is finished!!


Camelia’s 2018 Quilt Retreat – Checkmate quilt top for new Grand-nephew born 4/18/18.

The pattern is Checkmate by Donna at Fabric Cafe. It uses 3 one-yard cuts of fabric to create a throw 47″ x 63″.  It is one of my favorites for several reasons.  First, the large row showcases novelty fabric that you would rather not cut into smaller pieces.  Second, it works up very fast.  I began about 11 AM and finished just as dinner started at 6 PM, and that also included lunch break and a brief afternoon stretch out on the bed.

To end the day, we had a great dinner and we surprised our Retreat Leader.  Last year she was in the middle of moving and just started a new job.  She didn’t get to enjoy much of her 2017 Retreat.  While she was out of sight, I had brought signature blocks to make an Appreciation Quilt.  Each participant signed the prepared fabric and added pieces of fabric from their stash.  I took the completed blocks and pieced the top together.  Then I had Deborah Lane quilt and bind it.  Finally, I added the Label – see my post from 4/25/18).


Camelia’s 2018 Quilt Retreat – Presenting Signature Quilt created by 2017 Quilt Retreat Participants.

All-in-All, I think we can honestly say we had a great Day #1.  After a good night’s rest, Day #2 and more sewing.


Happy Stitching & Moving!

Quilt Mouse


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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