2018 Quilt Retreat – Final Day

Spring 2018 Quilt Retreat has ended.  Everyone has returned home, and getting back to normal routines – whatever ‘normal’ is!  I returned to some major work which took several days, and still isn’t totally completed.  I’ve been able to spend a little time in my sewing room to get everything back into place.  Attending a quilt retreat requires moving lots of sewing supplies and returning home with more than you took.

Camelia Quilt Retreat 2017

Camelia – 2018 Quilt Retreat at Spirit Wind Ministries

The last day of the Retreat actually ended at 4:00 pm, but after lunch was enjoyed, the packing up began.  Those with a longer drive left earlier, while others with shorter drives enjoyed a bit more sewing.  But the final breakdown & packing began in earnest and we drove off exactly 4:02 pm!

I did a bit of sewing and completed three small projects:  Baby Washcloths, Small Drawstring Bag, and Sunflower Pillowcase.

After lunch we said good bye to our hosts – Jim & Paula McClure who run Spirit Wind Ministries Retreat Center.

20180429_135718 (2)

Camelia’s 2018 Spring Retreat – Cindy have a post lunch chat with Jim & Paula McClure

Paula and her helpers made sure we ate VERY well!  Jim did a marvelous job grilling the chicken, pork & hot dogs. Check out this menu.

Now it’s time to start planning the next retreat.  By popular demand, we have been encouraged to add a 2nd 2018 Retreat in the Fall.  Check out Camelia’s Quilt Retreat page and email Camelia for information.  We’d LOVE for you to join us.

Happy Stitching & Moving!

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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