List Making – 2019

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I’m not exactly a ‘goal setter.’ I’m more of a ‘list maker.’ The lists contain projects or activities I’d like to accomplish. To be honest, if you looked at one of my daily lists, it will always begin with “Get Up!” This way I start my day crossing off an item on my list.

So the last week of December, I’ve been making various lists. Some have been about sewing or quilting, while others cover aspects of my life such as exercise/diet, housework or activities.

Sewing and Quilting – Sew Much to Do, and Sew Little Time!

  1. OMG – Link up with Elm Street Quilt’s One Monthly Goal – Identify one project to complete in a month. It may be a block, a top, binding or small sewing project
  2. UFO – Joined All People Quilts – Unfinished Object Challenge. I’ve identified (translated – I’ve made a list) of 12 Unfinished Objects – yes, I have more than that – that I want to work on or complete. The group leaders will identify a number at the beginning of each month and that is the project to work on.
  3. Fabric Cafe – Piece Tops for Quilts which will be completed and displayed at the Booth in various Quilt Show.
  4. Quilt Shows – Attend/work at 3 Quilt Shows – Hampton, VA (February), Hershey, PA (July) and Oaks, PA (September)
  5. Retreats – Prepare for and Attend 2 Quilt Retreats – Camelia’s Quilt Retreats in April and November.
  6. Autumn Jubilee – Looking forward to what is offered in the fall on Carole’s Blog – From My Carolina Home.
  7. Project Linus 2019 Mystery Quilt Challenge – This year I hope to make the blocks as the patterns are released
  8. Christmas Gifts – Work on Christmas Gifts earlier in the year
  9. Charity Quilting – Pillowcases, Bead Bags of Courage, Project Linus/Mary’s Center Baby/Children Quilts, Small Kennel Quilts, NICU Baby Quilts/Isolate Covers, Placemats for Seniors/Meals on Wheels are just a few of the causes I like to support.

Exercise & Diet – Just being Healthy!

  1. Be Active – Participate in Mary-Thon for the 3rd year. I registered for the Full Mary-Thon which is a commitment to be active/exercise for 30 minutes a day for 5 days each week for 26 weeks out of 30 (Jan-July & July-Dec). This will include continued home physical therapy for my knee, using an exercise bike as well as a treadmill, and some video exercises for arms, legs, and balance.
  2. Eat Healthy – most of the time. I love yeast bread, but will be limiting it as well as trying to eat more fresh fruits & vegetables and less processed foods. Imperfect Produce looks like it will help me accomplish this goal. I will be using Apps on my phone and an Excel worksheet to keep track of what I eat.

Household –

I’ve done some of this in the past, trying to maintain a reasonably clean home but still allowing plenty of time to sew. This is a modification of some suggestions I found on the Internet.

  1. Daily – 10 Minutes/Quick cleaning in the Bathroom, usually first thing in the morning. I use cleaning wipes to quickly clean the sink & exterior of the toilet, and add a spritz of bleach cleanser to the bowl.
  2. Daily – 30 Minutes in the Kitchen (not including meal preparation), usually last thing at night
  3. 10 Minutes a Day – Monday – Friday – This time is used to quickly spruce up an area that might need it
  4. 30 Minutes a Day – Monday through Friday, spend 30 minutes in one area of housework. Monday/Dining Room; Tuesday/Bills & Laundry; Wednesday/Bedroom; Thursday/Bathroom (thorough cleaning); and Friday/Living Room. Weekends are either free or used for extra special cleaning projects
  5. Grocery Shopping – I try to arrange my errands all in one trip. On Thursday, I usually meet several ladies to visit and hand stitch. On my way home, I like to swing by the grocery store for my weekly shopping. Once a month, I may add another day shopping at a Big Box Warehouse store such as Costco or BJs or a trip to the Dutch Market which is only open Thursday – Saturday.

What do you do to keep yourself organized?

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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1 Response to List Making – 2019

  1. I’m a list maker, too. Unfortunately, I’ve not marked off much on my list lately. Some items have been on there all year. New things keep getting added to the lists as things come up (baby quilts, etc).

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