And the New Year Begins – 2019

Do you have any New Year’s Day Traditions? We have a few.

First, New Year’s Day is the day to un-decorate the house.

We’ve had the Christmas Decorations out since Thanksgiving and now it is the time to sort through them, discard any broken items and carefully wrap and store till next year. Because the weather is calling for rain the next couple of days, we did begin on Sunday by bringing in the outdoors decorations and lights so they would be dry to pack up.

Second – We watch the Tournament of Roses New Year’s Parade

What can I say. I enjoy seeing the floats, horses, & bands and hearing how the floats are assembled.

Third – We have the same Menu –

  • Blackeye Peas made in the Slow Pot with the bone from the Christmas Ham;
  • Rice
  • Sweet, Yellow Cornbread baked in my Black Cast Iron Skillet
  • Maybe some fruit salad or just some fresh fruit
  • Usually no dessert – after all we’re beginning our new year diet, right?

Fourth – I think there is an old saying “What you do on the first day of the year is what you will do the most during the coming year.”

Don’t ask me where I heard that. It may come from the superstition that in order to ensure you are successful at work, you must do a little bit of work on New Year’s Day. My version of this is that I must do some sewing and/or quilting on New Year’s Day. I like to make it some small project that can be completed in between doing numbers 1, 2 and 3 above.

And, in my reverse logic, knowing how addictive the Internet & Social Media is – yes, I admit to spending too much time on my phone, tablet, and computer – I will spend a limited time on my electronic devices. That is, with the exception of my computerized sewing machine, of course!

Camelia’s 2018 Quilt Retreat – I’m actually Sewing!!! Piecing a surprise.

Finally, for the 3rd time, I will be participating in Mary-thon.

This is a fairly new tradition for me. Technically, the official start date is January 14th, but we are allowed an Early Bird start on January 1st. I have committed to 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week for 26 weeks (out of the first 30 weeks of the year). Today I will probably bike for 10 minutes two times and 10-15 minutes on the Treadmill.

Wishing you and yours a Blessed New Year!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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1 Response to And the New Year Begins – 2019

  1. Happy New Year! Love hearing about your traditions… I typically take down our Xmas decorations today but we didn’t put much up this year because we knew we’d be moving so there really isn’t anything to put away. We don’t have a traditional dinner menu as we usually go out, so we’ll see what that ends up being later today. I really like the old saying “What you do on the first day of the year is what you will do the most during the coming year”…so… I’m off to my sewing room right now and I’ll take a walk around the block a little later. Thanks for the great ideas!!!

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