2019 – Off to a Good Start!

New Year’s Day was quiet around here.

I started my Sewing Year by first cleaning my sewing machine. It had it’s annual “Spa Day” in September, but I like to give it some touch up. So, using my disposable mascara brush, I chased all the lint from around the bobbin & feed dogs. Next a drop of oil on the Bobbin track. Then the needle was changed. I keep a Post-it Note stuck to my machine with the size of the needle and date it was changed. I put in a full bobbin and re-threaded the machine. Finally a quick wipe down with a damp rag for both the machine and the table.

2019 Jan – New Year’s Cleaning

My First Completed Project for 2019 –

To be honest, this project was begun last month, sorta. My DD asked if I would make something for a friend. Her friend is a Washington Capital’s Hockey Team fan (and they were the Stanley Cup winners last year). We bought the fabric while out Christmas shopping and just told her I wouldn’t work on it until after the Christmas push.

So, a Quillow and some Pillowcases were what we decided to make. If you are unfamiliar with what a Quillow is, it is a Quilt which when folded is inserted into a pocket and it becomes a Pillow. “Quilt” plus “Pillow” equals “Quillow.” They can be elaborate or simple. This one was simple and just used yardage of fleece & cotton/quilting fabric for the front & back and no batting.

There are lots of instructions out on the web for making a Quillow. I honestly don’t know where it originated. I originally downloaded a pattern from some university’s extension service, but I don’t remember where I found it.

Sorry we didn’t take pictures of the process. Over simplifying the instructions, the two fabrics are measured and cut the same size. Ours was approximately 42″ x 70″, using the width of fabric of the cotton/quilting yardage as our width. After pinning right-sides together, the two pieces are stitched all around the edges, leaving an opening for turning. Turn the Quillow right-side out and top stitch all around which will close the opening. You can add as much or as little quilting. I usually add 2 lines of stitching equal distances running the long way, and 3-4 lines the short width (depending on the length). These will be fold lines.

2019 Jan – One side of the folded Quillow – This fabric is one side of the Quillow.

For the pocket, measure roughly 1/3rd the width, cut two pieces of fabric a square that size. Ours was 14″ (42/3 = 14″), so we used 15″ to allow for seam allowances. Layer a square of batting, and fabric squares, right sides together, and stitch all around the edges, leaving an opening for turning. This will be the pocket. Turn right-side out and top-stitch what will be the open edge of the pocket. Quilt this as desired. Center this pocket on one short end on the cotton/quilting fabric side and stitch the bottom (which also closes the opening used for turning) & 2 sides (the opening will be toward the center).

2019 Jan – One side of Folded Quillow. This fabric is the inside of the pocket when Quillow is unfolded.

Now you have a cozy Quillow to cuddle with. The folding of the Quillow is sometimes hard to describe, but I’ll try. Lay the Quillow fleece side up/pocket down and fold the long edges in thirds. Taking the end with the pocket, turn the pocket inside-out, basically tucking in one end of the folded Quillow. Depending on the length of the Quillow you will then fold down the end farthest from the pocket 3 or 4 times and tuck it into the pocket. This may take a little fiddling with to smooth it out. Now your Quillow is a pillow!

We bought enough fabric to make both a travel pillow case and a standard pillowcase, because when cuddling with your Quillow you’ll need a couple of pillows, right?

The cotton/quilting fabric was 45″ wide, but the fleece was 60″ wide, so we had some left over strips of fleece. Trimmed up and, Ta Da! we have a fleece scarf!

2019 Jan – Leftover fleece makes a great scarf.

Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts weekly “Let’s Bee Social” Link up Party.

I’m thinking of something else to make with some of the other leftover fleece. If I am successful, I’ll post pictures of it along with the full (open) Quillow later. We’ve had 3 days of cloudy, dark weather which is not great for picture taking.

Hoping your new year has started off well!


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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