A Weekend in the Life of 2 Quilt Tops

Stage #1 of my Sewing Room Remodel/Organization is nearly done – or as done as it can be until more storage is created in future stages. But this is on hold this past weekend as two more 3-yard Bundles arrived from Fabric Cafe. So I worked on creating two tops using the Town Square & Suite Times Patterns. Both patterns can be found in Easy, Peasy 3 Yard Quilts Book.

So, I figured I would chronicle the lives of these tops while in my hands. Prepare for lots of pictures. I usually make one quilt top followed by the other, but this time both had a lot of strip piecing, so I worked on them both at the same time.

Welcome two 3 Yard Bundles. Each pattern is made from three 1-yard cuts of fabric for the top & binding. Backing requires an additional 3 yards.

Two  3 yard Bundles #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop
Patterns: Town Square & Suite Times

Follow the cutting instructions. I didn’t get a picture, but here’s a picture from the last one I made. I print out the cutting instructions for each fabric to help keep myself organized.

Cutting Instructions for each of 3 fabrics

Next comes the stripping. Strip piecing that is. Following the instructions, I piece one WOF to another piece of WOF. I follow that with another pair, and another, until I have them all stitched.

Strip Piecing #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop
Strip Piecing WOF for Town Square

Next comes a lot of ironing, more cutting, followed by more strip piecing & ironing.

Ironing after Strip Piecing  #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop
Ironing after Strip Piecing Suite Times Pattern

Finally, the Blocks are finished.

Blocks done for 2 quilt tops. #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop
Center: Town Square Block, Right & Left: Suite Times Blocks

Out comes the gloves. Strip piecing the Blocks into Rows I find having a sewing glove on my left hand helps me maintain contact with the fabric.

Using gloves to prevent slipping. Strip piecing the Blocks. #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop
Strip Piecing Blocks for Town Square Pattern

Finally all the Rows are complete, and the body of the two quilt tops are ready to have borders added.

Blocks sewn into Rows & Rows sewn together. #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop
Left: Suite Times, Right: Town Square

Next comes piecing the Border Strips and measuring the length before adding borders. Beginning with the sides of the top, I like to fold it in half lengthwise, and using the actual Border Strip, I measure 2 strips for the right & left sides along the fold (middle) & cut. I repeat the process for the top & bottom borders and then for all additional borders. Lots more ironing happens as each Border Strip is added.

Measuring for the side borders using the fold in the middle. #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop
Measuring Border Strips for Town Square

Stitching the Borders on, I set up a folding table to prevent the weight of the top snagging on the edge of my sewing table.

Set up a folding table to hold the top while stitching the borders.  #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop
Adding Border #2 to Town Square

Final steps – stitch, fold & iron Binding Strip.

Single fold binding for Town . Fold in half lengthwise & then fold one raw edge into the middle. @fabriccafe #weekendinthelifeofaquilttop #townsquarequiltpattern #SuiteTimesQuiltPattern Square 3-yard Quilt Pattern
Ironing Single Fold Binding – Fold in half/Iron, Turn one raw edge in to the middle/Iron

Finally, two tops are finished.

One weekend. Two Quilt Tops. Left - Suite Times. Right - Town Square.  @fabriccafe #WeekendintheLifeofaQuiltTop #SuiteTimes #TownSquare
One Weekend. Two Quilt Tops. Left: Suite Times. Right: Town Square

Well, this is how I spent my weekend. Two quilt tops are now in the mail to Fabric Cafe for backing and a trip to the long arm quilter. When finished they will show up on display in the Fabric Cafe booth at a quilt show.

How did you spend your weekend?

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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2 Responses to A Weekend in the Life of 2 Quilt Tops


    I bought a pattern from you at a quilt show in perth some time ago called starburst not sure how to make it at the time think I have it now I was wondering if you have another starburst pattern then I can start the pattern I want to make it for my grand daughter as her wedding gift thank you
    from a quilter mildred welton I love the quilt


  2. WOW! That was one PRODUCTIVE weekend. I hope you feel successful.


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