Current Projects Progress – 03/14/2021

It’s been 3 weeks working on my Five Current Projects in my sewing room and I still seem to be making progress. See my post about all my current projects – Click Here. So here’s my third week’s progress.

Tops for Fabric Cafe

Project #1 – Scrap Dance Pachanga/Mystery QAL (Queen Size Quilt)

The new Step wasn’t released until Friday, so most of the week I finished trimming the Flying Geese and finished cutting the remaining Brights.

2021 Scrap Dance Pachanga - finally finished cutting the remaining Bright Fabric.
Remaining Brights cut up for future Steps.

I did get the HSTs stitched and cut, but didn’t get a picture. I’ll spend this morning trimming & pressing them.

2021 Scrap Dance Pachanga  Step 5 Fabric Cut
Scrap Dance 2021 Pachanga – Step 5 – Cut & ready to make HSTs

Project #2 – Quilt of Valor #A-12/Mystery QAL (Large Throw Size Quilt)

This Mystery is divided into weekly steps that don’t take much time at all. Including cutting, ironing, and stitching, Clue 2 took me just about an hour. I really like making progress!!!

2021 Clue 2 QOV A12 Finish
2021 QOV A12 – Clue 2 – Finished

Project #3 – Harmony, 2021 Hand Pieced QAL (28″ Square Wall Hanging)

I’m pleased that I am staying ahead on this project. Last Monday the two bloggers, who are hosting this QAL, posted tutorials for Block #3 – Fancy Half Square Triangles (HSTs). These blocks are HSTs like the previous step, but with an added Stitch n Flip on the corner.

2021 Harmony Hand Piece QAL Wwall Hanging Blocks 1, 2 & 3
Fancy HSTs – 4 Blocks Finished for the Hand Pieced QAL 2021 Harmony

I finished these early and moved on to the next 8 blocks. I’m not sure of what they will call this block. I think I would call it a partial Square in a Square, maybe? There are 4 with Gold/Red corners and 4 with Red/Gold corners (Reverse of first 4). I’ll try to get better picture after I finished all of them.

2021 Harmony Hand Pieced QAL Step 3 in Progress
Work in Progress – 3 out of the 8 Partial Square in a Square

Project #4 – 9 Patch Rows QAL (Queen Size Quilt)

These Row patterns come out every other Friday, so Row 4 was released this past Friday. I see more struggling over choosing fabric/colors. I cut the background fabric so that would be ready, but will spend the coming week auditioning fabric/colors. I need 2 colors plus the background. There are lots of HSTs in this row.

2021 9 Patch Rows QAL - 3 Rows completed
Rows 1-3 Stitched together.

Project #5 – 2021 My Hometown BOM (63″ Square Quilt)

Block 2 doesn’t need to be completed until the end of the month, so I have plenty of time to work on it. This past week, other than playing with color combinations, I didn’t get much done.

My Hometown 2021 Block 2 - Auditioning Fabric
Auditioning Fabric/Colors for My Hometown QAL Block 2

But then yesterday I decided to go with the combination I auditioned (above) so went ahead and finished this block. I didn’t want to ‘over-think’ it too much. I’m pleased with how it turned out.

2021 Block 2 My Hometown- Finished
2021 My Hometown QAL – Block 2 Finished

Other Sewing Accomplished –

I didn’t do much miscellaneous sewing. I pulled this baby quilt from a UFO Bag. It doesn’t require binding – Simply layer Batting, Backing (right-side up) and Top/Panel (right-side down). Stitch all around, leaving an opening to turn. Next I turn right-side out and top stitch all around (which closes the opening). Finally some quick straight-line and squiggly quilting and POOF! You have a finished baby quilt.

2021-Baby Quilt for Donation
2021 Donation Baby Quilt – #1

I pulled out some muslin and made a pillowcase for my wool ironing pad. I figured it will be easier to remove the cover and wash if it gets dirty than trying to clean the wool itself

At the end of the second 7 days of 31 days to an Organized Sewing Space, I’ve continued to do a little bit each day. Some days I picked something else to do. I’ve discovered a number of things on this list I have already been doing. But it’s nice to set aside a few minutes each day to tackle something to improve my space. We’ll find out today what’s on our organization list to do this week.

I’m pleased with my progress this week. I received a text last week that I’ll have three tops to make for Fabric Cafe, so not sure how much progress on my 5 Current Projects I’ll be able to do this week.

We’ve had a couple of very nice, sunny days. Last Thursday it actually made it up to 79F, but the weatherman has promised the potential of a wintery-mix to start this week. I didn’t get any garden pictures, but did discover buds on my Azaleas, Forsythia and Camelia bushes.

Hope you are making progress on whatever you are stitching this week!

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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  1. You have been busy!

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  2. Wow, you had a really productive week!!! Just reading all you’ve done, I need a nap.

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