A Backing Day & More

Probably the reason I have so many UFOs is that once I get a top finished, it gets set aside waiting for backing & quilting. I have tops in boxes & bags. So I’m working on making backing for current as well as UFO projects.

Yesterday I was busy measuring, cutting, ironing and stitching. First I remeasured tops, measured backing fabric, cutting a whole piece if I had wide backing fabric or measured lengths of regular width fabric to piece a back. All this requires a larger table than my cutting table so we set up an 8 foot folding table in our living room using bed risers to make it more comfortable use.

2021 Scrap Dance Pachanga #1/Black Border

Pachanga #1 Top

Top – 61″ x 72-1/2″
Backing – 69″ x 80″
* Purchased Regular width fabric 198″ x 43″ (5.5 yards)
* Cut 2 pieces – 69″ x 43″
* Stitch together (horizontal) using 1/2″ seam allowance, pressed seam open making 69″ x 82″
* Remaining Backing fabric to make Pillowcases

Purple fabric – Pieced Backing & extra fabric for Pillowcases

2021 Scrap Dance Pachanga #2/Red Border

Pachanga #2 Top

Top – 61″ x 73″
Backing – 69″ x 81″
*Purchased Wide Backing 89″ x 109″
*Cut – 69″ x 89″
* Remaining Backing fabric to make Pillowcases

Black with multi colors – Wide Backing & extra fabric for Pillowcases

Mystery Quilt

I can’t show the top, but I also have a quilt 76″ x 90″ which needs a backing. I purchased a wide backing so I didn’t have to piece it, but cut it 82″ x 98″. Ironing this much fabric isn’t fun.

FQS 2014 Wishes Charity QAL

I’m determined to finish this UFO this year. Since I decided to enlarge it to queen size it needs two more borders.

FQS 2014 Wishes as written

As written, the Wishes finished at 62″ x 78″ and I wanted it for our queen size bed. Looking at what I had left of the cream background fabric I was able to cut the next border at 2-1/2″ (2″ finished). I found some matching green fabric for another 4″ border. This will make the top 74″ x 90″ which will make an adequate quilt topper.

FQS 2014 Wishes 2 Borders to be added

I guess I’d better add the two borders before working on the backing so I can measure it. I have an educated guess as to what size it will be.

FQS 2014 Wishes Backing to be pieced

The backing will be pieced with the 4-patch strip running across the middle horizontally with the Yellow and Cream with Flags fabric on top & bottom. I haven’t decided the order of the yellow & cream with flags. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Today I won’t be in my sewing room much, but will be with friends doing hand stitching. It is nice to just slow down a bit and hand stitch.

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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2 Responses to A Backing Day & More

  1. I don’t like having to stitch backings. I have been buying 108″ backing fabrics lately, when I need a backing. I pre-wash everything, so yes, ironing those large pieces is hard. I really like that fun ‘sprinkles’ backing you show.

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  2. Awesome Pachanga quilts!! Love that purple backing, perfect! The atomic print is cute too. Good plans for your wishes quilt.

    Liked by 1 person

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