Wednesday in My Sewing Room – 09/21/2022

Well, today is the last full day of Summer! It’s hard to believe only 14 more weekends before Christmas! Where does the time fly? So it seems our yard thinks it’s fall. We have a beautiful yellow mum in full bloom!

Fall 2022
Fall 2022

Wednesday was not a busy day in my Sewing Room. I spent 3 hours at the American Red Cross donating Platelets. This takes longer than donating Whole Blood as they take blood, remove the Platelets & return the Red Blood Cells – kind of a Give & Take process. 😉

Platelet Donation

Not everyone can donate Platelets, but Platelets are urgently needed for burn victims, Cancer patients undergoing Chemo & many others. One donation can help 3 patients but the Platelets have a short shelf  life of only 5 days.

It starts with YOU making an appointment. Once you arrive & check in, your medical history & vitals are taken. Then the fun begins.

You are shown to a recliner to settle in for about 2 hours. It takes needles in both arms – one to take blood & send it into an Apheresis machine & the other returns your Red Blood cells to you. During the process you are instructed to squeeze a spongy thing every 5-6 seconds to help the blood to flow.

American Red Cross Donation Center
Lay back, relax & binge watch a show or two.
No napping, remember to squeeze the foam thingy every 5-6 seconds

Since needles are in both arms, there isn’t much you can do. They have individual TVs & you select something to watch. But afterwards you get to pick Juice/Water & Cookies!

Post Fonstion Water & Snacks

Fall QAL – Wednesdays – Quilt of Valor 2022 Mystery

Today was the 1st Clue in this Mystery QAL. It was posted before I left home so I was able to Download & Print it. If you do QOVs or want to make one, check out Alycia’s Blog. I have done several of her patterns and can recommend them as easy to follow.

QOV 2022 Mystery QAL

Two weeks ago Alycia released the fabric requirements and included some preliminary cutting instructions. I pulled some Red, White and Blue fabrics, but hadn’t decided which ones to use. Guess I need to get to work.

Possible fabrics from my stash for 2022 Long May She Wave Mystery QAL
Some fabric in my stash that I may use for this QAL

Other Wednesday Stitching

Unfortunately not a lot of stitching got done. I did stitch together the blue strips for the Old Glory QOV which is the last step to finishing this top. I also did some calculations for the backing – looks like it will need 5 yards and a vertical seam.

The Post Office delivered a package of fabric I had ordered. It included the wide backing for my Puzzle Me This Queen top that has 3 more rows & a border to be finished, plus more white & red fabric.

Hoping for more stitching time tomorrow.

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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