Saturday in My Sewing Room – 9/24/2022

I am attempting to be a bit more organized and manage my multitude of projects. It seems to be working to cut a little, iron a little, and stitch a little while working on a couple of projects as well as my Quilt Alongs.

A couple of the QALs are kind of quickies. I’ve been able to complete the Clue/Step the day it is released in just an hour or two. Then I still have time to sew something else. That makes having a couple of projects on hand, cut and ready to stitch good and I get more stitching accomplished.

Saturday was a day of mostly cutting. Unfortunately it’s not too exciting to take pictures while doing it. Also, lots of ironing was done and that’s not too exciting either.

Fall QAL – Saturdays – Project Linus 2022

Saturday was the first clue for the Project Linus 2022 Mystery Challenge QAL. The video & clue was to be released by 9:00 am EDT, but we were pleased to discover they were available a bit early.

You can still sign up. Clues will remain available until February 2023

Although a Preparation Page was released last month this QAL is somewhat scrappy. So I had some fabrics pulled but still had to dig through my stash for what I wanted to use.

Each Clue may be different. This time we got a 2-Part Clue. Clue 1A has 5 of the same block, and Clue 1B had 1 block.

Project Linus 2022 Mystery Challenge QAL- Block 1A (need 3 more)
Block 1A – Make 5
PL2022 Block 1B (9/24/2022)
Clue 1B – Make one Jar

Other Saturday Stitching

Other stitching on Saturday included a few more 16 Patch blocks. Slowly I’m getting these done. I’m not in too much of a hurry because then I’ll need to figure out how it will be assembled. I’m thinking about making some other blocks to alternate with the 16 patch blocks. We’ll see.

I also did some catch-up for the QOV 2022 Mystery QAL- Long May She Wave. I need to get these Flying Geese done before the next clue comes out on Wednesday.

QOV 2022 Mystery QAL- Long May She Wave Clue 1/Flying Geese
Some of the cutting done Saturday

I’ll be working on them in between working on the other Quilt Alongs.

QOV 2022 Mystery QAL- Long May She Wave Flying Geese in Progress
QOV 2022 Mystery QAL – Long May She Wave – Step 1, Make Flying Geese

There may not be much Sewing in my Room today. A friend of ours will be retiring and we’ve been invited to attend lunch and a “Roast.” After the “Roast” we will head south to take my QOV I just finished and drop it off to be quilted by a very talented lady!

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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