Thursday Stitching & QALs

This time of year you never know what to expect from the weather – cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon. So do you have the Air Conditioner on or open the windows or maybe you need to turn the furnace on? We’ve had the windows open the last couple of days, but yesterday evening it was getting too cool. Nope, I don’t want to turn on the furnace yet, so I pulled out a sweatshirt and have a quillow to cover up when I’m in my recliner.

In my last post I mentioned that I washed my red fabric for the QOV 2022 Mystery QAL. I posted a picture of two Color Catchers that turned very dark after running the washer with 1 cup of vinegar and two rinses.

Color Catchers after prewashing are Fabric

A couple of comments to that Blog Post suggested that I might want to wash the fabric again. (Yes, ladies, I had the same thought!) And that is exactly what I did Thursday Morning along with 2 cups of vinegar and two rinse cycles. Below Left – the first two Color Catchers after 1st wash/2 rinse cycles. Below Right – two Color Catchers after 2nd wash/2 rinse cycles. A bit of a difference.

Color Catchers- Red Fabric Wash #1 & #2

Here’s the culprit – two yards of the red on the left and one yard of the red on the right.

Red Fabric that I prewashed

Fall QAL – Wednesday – QOV 2022 Mystery QAL Long May She Wave

This QAL is not as quick as the ones on Monday and Tuesday. I haven’t even made a major dent in Clue #1 and Wednesday the 2nd Clue was released. Besides re-washing and ironing the red fabric, I did more cutting for Clue #2. Washing, Ironing and Cutting are not the most exciting part of quilting, but are a necessity if you want to stitch.

This is the fabric I’m using for this QAL – White with White Stars, a Marble Blue and Red with Stars. You may have to look close, but there are actually three different reds. I’m using the middle one.

Possible fabrics from my stash for 2022 Long May She Wave Mystery QAL

Future QAL

What would we do without the Internet – I’m guessing spend a lot more time in the sewing room. But one of the nice things about the Web is that it brings so much of the quilting world into our home. I follow bloggers, quilt designers, fabric manufacturers and other quilters.

In my browsing last night I stumbled into another Quilt Along. Actually what happened was I got an email about it and then saw a post on Facebook about it, so I just had to look into it.

The Fat Quarter Shop is a quilt shop in Texas and they host other Mysteries and Quilt Alongs that I’ve followed. They have announced a new one which begins Friday, October 21st. I don’t have a Quilt Along for that day! Maybe I can work this into my schedule. I don’t have too much to do, do I?? LOL!!

Introducing a 24 week Free Quilt Along sponsored by the Fat Quarter Shop –

They have gathered 24 fabulous quilt designers and each has made a block for this quilt. This 24-week free QAL will run through April 14, 2023, but will take a break for the holidays. Each Friday a new block will be released and will be available in 3 sizes: 3″, 6″ and 9″ blocks. Depending on the size of blocks you choose to make the finished quilt will be 33.5″ Square, 66.5″ Square or 99.5″ Square. Pick the size you want to make.

This is not a Mystery. The blocks and layout are already revealed.

I’m thinking seriously about making this quilt. But first several decisions. Which size do I want to make? What fabric do I want to use? Can I find all the fabric needed in my stash and not have to buy any more? Choosing fabric can be frustrating for me. I have trouble choosing fabric to go together. Next question, will I hand piece it or machine piece it? I’ll let you know what I decide.

If you want to learn more about Sewcialites2, click on over to Fat Quarter Shop’s blog, the Jolly Jabber. The Intro Page and Fabric Requirements are available now.

Other Thursday Sewing

My Thursday Stitching Group met yesterday. Not a lot of stitching got done. We reviewed a pattern my friend is working on and discovered some yardage issues, did some research for matching fabric (which we both adored) and did some calculations for piecing a backing. All in all, we did accomplish a lot and the time flew by.

Still watching Hurricane Ian. The destruction in the Ft. Myer area of Florida is heart breaking. This is reminding me of 33 years ago when Category 4 Hurricane Hugo came through Charleston, SC and headed inland. Life has changed for millions of people.

Hope you are getting some stitching done.

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse

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I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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