About Me

I am retired but I’ve not stopped working.

In 2013, I had Rotator Cuff surgery (ouch).  One day the doctor asked me if I worked, and my answer was no.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized I do work!  I cook for my family, therefore, I am a Chef;  I do housework, therefore, I am a Household Manager; I budget & pay bills, therefore, I am an Accountant; I am a Caregiver, a Personal Shopper, a Chauffeur, a Project Manager and so much more!  No longer will I say I don’t work!!

I enjoy reading Recipe Blogs and trying new dishes.  Sometimes they are a success and sometime not so much.  I often make homemade bread/rolls, Greek yogurt and applesauce.

In 2007, I began quilting.  I started by researching as much as I could on the Internet.  This was followed by taking some classes and attending quilt shows.  I planned any road trip by checking out Quilt Shops along the way and stopping whenever I could.

At one Quilt Show I heard about a Quilt Retreat sponsored by a guild and quilt shop.  This was my first serious experience – a 4-day long weekend making a Mystery Quilt with a group of quilters who are now my friends.  Seriously, if I had seen the pattern first, I would have never EVER had tried to make it.  But with the help of some talented quilters, I DID IT!!  I return each year for some serious sewing and visiting with my quilt-y friends in a beautiful mountain setting.  Note:  The background to my blog is a Tumbling Blocks quilt that I made at one of the annual Quilt Retreats.

I invested in a new sewing machine and started collecting the tools of the trade.  I mostly do machine piecing & quilting, but I have also hand-pieced a top and will, one day, hand quilt it.

Another learning experience was attending a quilt group which was making baby quilts for charity.  It was there that I completed my first machine quilted project.  I have been supporting this group since 2007.  I am now one who helps others and it feels good to give back both to the ladies in the group and the families that receive the completed quilts.

One result of both my web surfing & quilt show attendance was meeting and building a friendship with Donna Robertson of Fabric Cafe.  Originally, I was a customer, but I now machine piece tops that become quilted samples to display in their booth at quilt shows and have helped with new pattern editing & testing.

I try to learn something new and try new techniques.  I have been a Block Tester for Quiltmaker’s 100 Block magazine.  Before publication, they have groups of testers make and critique the blocks.  I was even privileged to create a quilt using some of the tested blocks which was published in Volume #7 and was on display at their offices in Golden, CO.

In addition to my charity projects, I enjoy making and sharing my sewing projects & quilts with friends and family, which includes a number of ‘Grands’ – Grandson, Grandnephews, Grandniece and Grand-neighbors (new babies in our neighborhood 🙂 )

Read more here on my Post where I share some thoughts on quilting.

Thank you for Sharing My Journey, One Quilt at a Time!

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse

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