Current Projects Progress – 2/28/2021

I recently wrote about the five current projects in my sewing room. Project 1 & Project 2 had their own posts. See my post about all my current projects – Click Here. So here’s my first week progress.

Tops for Fabric Cafe

Project #1 – Scrap Dance Pachanga/Mystery QAL (Queen Size Quilt)

First Step was cutting all the fabric, but I’m cutting as I go. The Second Step was the Flying Geese. Third Step was the two-patches. I’m making a queen size, so each clue has lots of pieces. Fourth Step was released on 2/26, and I got these done. Now back to catching up with Steps #2 & #3.

Bright pieces for Flying Geese & 2-patch blocks for Scrap Dance Pachanga
Brights cut for Scrap Dance Pachanga – Flying Geese & 2 Patches
Step 4 - Bar & 2 Patch - Scrap Dance 2021 Pachanga
Scrap Dance 2021 Pachanga – Step 4 Bars & 2 Patches – Done!

Project #2 – Quilt of Valor #A-12/Mystery QAL (Large Throw Size Quilt)

The first clue will be out 3/3, and my progress this week was picking fabric and washing it in preparation. While prepping this fabric I uncovered 3 other QOV UFOs.

2021 Feb QOV A12
Quilt of Valor 2021 Mystery QAL – Will probably use the 4 fabrics on the left.

Project #3 – Harmony, 2021 Hand Pieced QAL (28″ Square Wall Hanging)

The option for this Quilt Along (QAL) is to make 1 unit for a wall hanging or 4 units to make a quilt. I get impatient, plus doing multiple projects, so I’m making the wall hanging which will be 28″ square. This week was a quickie – just one copy of a Square in a Square.

Square in a Square Block - Block 1 of Harmony 2021 Hand Piece QAL
Harmony – HPQAL Block 1 – A Finish

Other weeks may require more time, so I got a bit of a head start on next weeks assignment which requires 4 HSTs.

Project #4 – 9 Patch Rows QAL (Queen Size Quilt)

I started a bit behind primarily because I have a hard time choosing colors. Two Clues, which means two Rows, had already been released and Clue #3 was released last Friday. I’m making this all out of my stash and each row will probably be different colors.

Row One is alternating 9-Patch blocks using just one color plus the background. The process making the 9-Patch block was different, but it did work up very quickly.

Rows 1 of 9 Patch Rows 2021 QAL
9 Patch Rows QAL – Rows 1 (each row has 8 blocks)

Row Two is using the Churn Dash Block, which is a a version of the basic 9-Patch block. It uses two colors plus the background.

Rows 2 of 9 Patch Rows 2021 QAL
Row #2 – 9 Patch Rows 2021 QAL
Block/Row #2 - Churn Dash (9 patch variation)  - 9 Patch Rows QAL
Close up of Row 2 Block.

Row Three’s pattern was released Friday (2/26). I’ll have two weeks to make it. First I’ll have to pick the fabric/colors. But since the next row won’t be released for almost 2 weeks, I should be able to keep up.

Project #5 – 2021 My Hometown BOM (63″ Square Quilt)

This Block of the Month had an embroidered or appliqued unit for the center of the 5 blocks. Since I already had a hand project to do and I’m not that fond of applique (especially with lots of small pieces), I chose to use a focus fabric for the center. Also, since I still had all my fall fabric out from making the Autumn Jubilee 2020 quilt, I decided to continue using fall colors.

2021 My Hometown BOM Block 1

This quilt will have the blocks set on point. I like to choose Quilt Alongs/Block of the Months that offer me different quilts/blocks/techniques that I don’t usually do. I look at these as learning opportunities. The big advantage is that I am not doing it by myself and there are usually tutorials or videos or blog posts with tips to go along with the directions. Many of the QALs & BOMs have Facebook Groups in which others share their progress and ask/answer questions, or in general, give support to others. Quilters can be so positive!

Other Sewing Accomplished –

I made 4 pillowcases to go with three of the quilts I finished in January that are at the longarm quilter.

Pillowcases to go with quilts recently made
Two pillowcases for Autumn Jubilee 2020 &
Two pillowcases for 2 Trucks/Construction Vehicles Quilts

I’m hoping I will be able to keep up the progress.

This week our weather included snow, sleet, freezing rain and temps in the teens followed by sunny days and temps back into the 40’s & 50s. Family & friends in Texas & Louisiana finally were able to get out and begin recovering from their snow/ice & freezing temperatures.

Hope you are making progress on whatever you are stitching this week!

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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4 Responses to Current Projects Progress – 2/28/2021

  1. Holy cow you got a lot going on and are getting a lot accomplished. Heard from Carole the other day that the “next step” should also be a quick one for Pachanga. This is the first time I went “small” with the project, doing the throw size, which was quick.

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  2. Wow, you’ve got a lot going on! I’ll enjoy watching these projects as you work on them 🙂

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  3. Wow, you have a bunch of great projects in progress. Thanks for doing my Scrap Dance Pachanga mystery, your colors are popping on that black background.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Good luck keeping up with all of that.

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