Friday Summary – 10/07/2022

The Sun will Come Out…Tomorrow…” Does your mind ever just pick up lyrics or tune from a song? After several days of dreariness, rain, clouds & colder temperatures more like late November rather than early October, my mind was playing that song over and over.

Finally, Thursday & Friday the Sun came out & temperatures climbed into the 70°s. YAY! But colder temps will be returning soon.

Love seeing the clouds break up and the sun come out

Fall Quilt Alongs

Wednesday QAL – QOV Mystery/Long May She Wave

Before heading out on Wednesday morning to donate Platelets at the American Red Cross, I was able to download Week 3 of this Mystery QAL. SURPRISE! More Flying Geese! Oh, Well, this is one thing I like about QALs, it gives me practice on a technique I may not usually do or teaches me a technique I may not have done before.

I did not know which part to call the geese & which part to call the wings. It looks like the larger triangle is the goose body & the smaller corners are the wings. Am I the last one to figure that out?


This QAL is definitely not a quickie. We’re making progress, though. Week One was a flock of Blue Geese, Week Two was a flock of White Geese, and now we’re making a larger flock of Red Geese. After cutting, I’ll sew some & also use some as Leaders/Enders while chain piecing on other projects.

Thursdays do not have a QAL so I took my red & white fabric plus cutting supplies to my Stitching Group. While visiting with the others I cut my Geese & Wings.

Friday QAL – Autumn Jubilee Mystery

I mentioned in my last post that both Monday & Tuesday QALs are ending next week, so why not start another. There is one Fall QAL that has been on my calendar for the past 7 years which started Friday – Autumn Jubilee hosted by Carole on her Blog – From My Carolina Home. #AutumnJubilee2022.

October 2022

Friday started #AutumnJubilee2022 QAL Previous years we have made a quilt, but last year it was a table topper/wall hanging. This year, we will be working on another small project (but Carole has suggested it can be enlarged). I pulled out last year’s box of fabrics plus some other fabric that I may use.

Yes, this WILL be a Table Topper (or if I decide, it may be larger)

Since this is a scrappy project the fabric requirements are actually really just cutting instructions saying how many of what size pieces are needed. I had some already cut leftover from last year’s project and the rest I only cut what was needed to sew this week. The stitching was to make Half Square Triangles (HSTs) with background and focus fabric squares.

Counted out and ready to stitch

My HSTs are all cut and pressed. I’m ready for next Friday’s instructions There is a little bit more cutting I will do with the focus fabrics. I have the remaining background cut, but will wait until I see what we will make before cutting sashing/border strips.

Lots & Lots of HSTs

While I have this fabric out I may also cut and add the pieced and solid borders to last year’s table topper.

Carole actually has lots of different activities throughout the month with wonderful sponsors & marvelous giveaways. I follow all of her projects, but eagerly await her sewing & quilting projects. I bet she has something that peaks your interest, too.

Fall QAL – Tuesday FQS 2022 Christmas Time Mystery

Friday I pieced the final block of the Fat Quarter Shop’s 2022 Christmas Time Mystery. It is a large block, but was quick to stitch. I took a break from Autumn Jubilee HSTs to piece it.

Block #4 – a Stack of Presents

For now I’m all caught of with this QAL Next Tuesday we get the assembly instructions. Can’t wait to see it.

Fall QAL – Saturday Project Linus 2022 Mystery Challenge QAL

Earlier this week I paper pieced two of the three blocks that were released last Saturday. Before Week 3 Clue is released today I had to make the last one. So Friday between making the HSTs, I paper pieced Block 2B (the wrapped hard candy).

A Smoothee, A Wrapped Hard Candy and a Carrot

Later this morning I can download the instructions for Week 4. But first I will have to make a grocery run. Eating is a necessity!

What!?! Another QAL???

Oh, NO! I found another Quilt Along! This is not a mystery and I love the blocks. All People Quilt will begin their Seasonal Sampler QAL on October 17th. I probably won’t stitch along. I think I have enough on my plate, but will download the blocks/instructions for a future project. But then again, I am managing to keep up with all of my Quilt Alongs.

We Interrupt these QALs

I got a call last week from Fran at Fabric Cafe. They are such a busy group. She asked if I had time to make a couple of tops to test two new patterns. Of course I said sure! Yesterday I got a FedEx delivery with two 3-yard Bundles. I can’t show you anything, but I will be working on these two tops along with my QALs.

Fabric Cafe released a new book of 8 patterns this week. I can’t believe it, but I didn’t make any of these patterns. Check out the new patterns in The Magic of 3-Yard Quilts. I like them all, but especially Facination and Dazzle.

8 new patterns in Fabric Cafe’s New Book – The Magic of 3-Yard Quilts

Hope you are getting some sewing done this weekend.

Happy Stitching!

Quilt Mouse


About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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2 Responses to Friday Summary – 10/07/2022

  1. I’m impressed with how much you manage to get done in one day. I still have trimming to do of the HST’s from #AutumnJubilee2022. Stopping for cooking dinner usually does me in for the night. Love those paper pieced blocks.


  2. Awesome projects! Thanks for quilting along with Autumn Jubilee!

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