Bag Lady Day


Yesterday I was a Bag Lady.  Honestly, I love tote bags – all kinds. 

This comes in handy because in our county all stores have to charge us a county “tax” of 5-cents for every plastic or paper bag they use for our purchases. 

So I have grocery bags, shopping bags, and of course, quilt fabric bags.  And don’t you dare use my quilt fabric bags to carry groceries!!


Bags of Projects!

Many bags that I have were purchased or received for participating in shop hops, attending conferences, or other events.


Quilter’s Quest Shop Hop 2013

But, yesterday, I was a special kind of Bag Lady.  I made “Beads of Courage, Bead Bags.” 

After setting up my sewing station to get some sewing done along with some friends, I spent the rest of the day working on my Bead Bags.

Bead-Bags - 8 Bags

These will be heading to my friend, Prue.  Her quilting guild in Annapolis, MD, will then send them on to be shared with youngsters undergoing major medical procedures and earning their Beads of Courage.





Today is another day of sewing with my friends.  Maybe I’ll be a Pillowcase Lady.


Happy Stitching,

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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2 Responses to Bag Lady Day

  1. This is so cool. Helping kiddos during a really tough time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Prue Hoppin says:

    Loved your post and loved the fact that you were sewing Beads of Courage Bags!

    Liked by 2 people

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