I’m a Winner!!

Yippee!  I follow a number of Quilting Blogs and occasionally one will offer a giveaway. I do not always comment or jump through the required hoops to enter, but last month I did.

Carole at the From My Carolina Home Blog curated the August Blogger Bundle sponsored by Bernie at Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics. After selecting these fabrics, Carole decided to create some simple placemats & then continued with the leftovers to make a matching Table Topper. Four placemats required just 6 Fat Quarters, and the giveaway was a Bundle of Fat Quarters of the fabric Carole used.  See her blog for the tutorial.


Carole’s completed Placemats (Thank you for allowing me to share your picture.)

Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics had bundles in Fat Quarters or 1/2 yard cuts in her Etsy Shop.  Four placemats can be made with the 6-Fat Quarters or six placemats would require the 1/2 yard bundle. I had already decided I wanted to make six placemats, so when I heard I had won a Fat Quarter Bundle, I contacted Bernie.  She was quick to reply and very helpful. I purchased the extra fabric and received shipping notification the next day. Even though it had to travel cross country, I had my fabric two days later.  Not an affiliate or commercial, just a very satisfied customer!


2018-August Blogger Bundle Prize

I’m happy for a number of reasons:

  • I won some fabric!! YAY!!
  • Carole’s tutorials are clear and easy to follow, with lots of pictures.
  • With the slump I’ve been having with my stitching, this project is perfect for completing something quickly – Fabric is already chosen for me, the pattern will be quick and simple, and placemats have been something I’ve been wanting to make for myself. Win-Win-Win!
  • I’ve found Bernie @ Needle & Foot Fine Fabrics and will be keeping my eye on her blog and shop!

Well, back to cleaning, and cleaning – Does it ever get done?  I need to find the top of my cutting mat & ironing board so I can get to working on the placemats!


Happy Stitching & Moving!

Quilt Mouse

About Quiltmouse

I am retired. I love to quilt. I make charity quilts as well as quilts for my friends & family.
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5 Responses to I’m a Winner!!

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  4. Hi! As Carole said above, I am also happy to hear about your satisfaction – The placemats will be such a nice project and perfect for welcoming the fall season. Let me know when you make them up. I would love to see a photo of them on your table. Enjoy!!

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  5. So happy you won the bundle! I hope you enjoy sewing the quick placemats, and thank you for posting about your win!

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